Four months. That’s how long its been since I have posted on my blog. Whoops.

Previously I was doing a challenge to get in touch with every girl from my graduating class and meet up… I managed to meet with 3 before our class reunion. All 3 were great experiences, all 3 were fun, enlightening, enjoyable. After my class reunion I didn’t continue with the meetings… not because I felt differently but because summer hit..traveling, family, birthdays, the usual excuses. That’s what it was I’ll be honest…excuses.

I turned 29 over the weekend. (Great transition there, huh? haha) 29. I thought it would feel like I was old. I thought I would get annoyed at jokes about being close to 30. I thought I would dread it. I didn’t. 29 feels great. 29 feels better  than 28. I think your age is just a number, don’t let it define you. I feel as wise as a 50 year old, (not saying I am) and as energetic as a 5 year old. We had our family pictures done and I felt as beautiful as I ever have taking photos. I feel happy, I feel certain, I feel confident, I feel excited.

I’m honestly not sure if I am going to continue with this blog or not. Its not a priority for me right now though I do miss writing some. I would love to journal. I should journal. I will journal. 29 has brought a new feeling upon me. One of NOW. Do things you want to do NOW. Accomplish what you want NOW. Not I would, I should, I could, but I AM. I AM putting together a list of things to do before I am 30 in fact.

If you were in my high school class and want to meet up, message me. Call me. Text me. I will. If you were dreading getting a Facebook message in fear you were my next victim, rest assured. And to  those 3 lovely ladies… I won’t forget your willingness and openness. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

So where do we go from here? Starting on that list, then crossing them off. What things do you want to do, hope to accomplish in the next year? Share them with me, in private, on a post, just share, please! Maybe I will add them to my list….




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