Classmate Date 2: Olivia

This week was my second “date” with a former classmate. I messaged her on Facebook to see if she would like to meet up and I saw she read the message. No immediate response so I began to think I was probably not going to hear back. However a little later she told me she would love to get together. We will call her Olivia.

Olivia and I were not friends in high school, we hung out in totally different groups of friends and I am not even sure of what classes we had together or if we ever interacted that much. To hear Olivia say that she would love to meet up was a pleasant surprise.

We decided to go for a walk for our “date” as I did with Lacey.  While waiting for Olivia to arrive I’ll be honest… I was maybe a tad nervous, knowing I was just winging it on what we were going to talk about. No script, interview, questions or anything playing in my head. Just a simple, “hey hows life been the last 10 years…or really ever?” (since we never have talked more than a possible “hello” or “can i borrow a pencil?”) It was a surprisingly easy conversation. I learned a lot about Olivia. How she felt in high school, what she did after. What life is like for the both of us now. It was so easy to talk to her that it was like we had hung out a dozen times before.

Olivia is energetic, genuine, brave, fun, and easygoing. Somebody that I could have been really good friends with in high school had we gotten to know each other. She was right there in my school, in my classes. I am reminded of a book I recently reread. Acres of Diamonds.

In the first few pages a story is told about a Persian man, named Ali who was told by a priest if he could just find one diamond he would be rich. The diamonds were found in shallow river banks between mountains in white sand. He sold his farm, left his family in hopes to return with a diamond on his search. On his quest he was swept under a tidal wave and passed away. Shortly after the man who had purchased Ali’s farm, found a shiny rock in the garden brook, placed it aside and forgot about it.  That same priest came to visit a few days later and saw the rock which he exclaimed was a diamond. Together the man and the priest dug through the garden which they then discovered, the farm was covered in “Acres of Diamonds.”

It was all right there, right under Ali’s nose. Sometimes, we are too blind to see things that are right in front of us. Whether that’s a friendship that could develop, a financial opportunity, or even just appreciating what we do already have. It’s crazy how opportunities are always there  – we just have to recognize them. Sometimes it will consist of putting yourself out there, doing something a little uncomfortable. Making yourself vulnerable, or having to think with a different mindset.

I hope in the future I am like Olivia, brave enough to try something new. She wasn’t skeptical of my intent to meet up even though we never had ever hung out. She’s someone who I could see wouldn’t be afraid of opportunity or getting a little uncomfortable. And, that, I respect.

“Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains, or yonder seas; they are in your own backyard if you but dig for them.” -Russell H. Conwell

Til the next “date.”







Opportunities dont just come and go, they are there all the time  – we just have to see it.






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One Response to Classmate Date 2: Olivia

  1. Twyla says:

    I love this adventure you’re on. It really opens up your mind to those friendships we could have, if we’ll just reach out. Love it and can’t wait to read the next one!


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