Classmate Date 1: Lacey

As many of you know I have took on a newer challenge in recent weeks. Attempting to meet with every girl from my graduating class. This past week was my first “date.” We will call her Lacey. Lacey and I weren’t close in high school. We were friends when we were little and through middle school but drifted apart the older we got.

As I waited for Lacey to arrive to meet me at Stephens Park to go on a walk, I was pretty relaxed. Lacey was kind, witty and pretty. In school she got along with most everyone that I’m aware of and she was totally willing to meet up with me, no questions asked. I wasn’t nervous that she didn’t want to be at the park with me or that the conversation may get awkward.

Once we started out on our walk we talked a little about the past, but much more about how we got to where we are now.  The more we talked the more connected I felt. We weren’t discussing the weather, the latest movie we saw, what we did over the weekend. We talked about our dreams, our fears, our beliefs, our kids. We shared a few things that were even a little personal. Why?… Why not? The realer you get with someone, the better it feels. Connecting with another in a very real and vulnerable way is something I hold dear to my heart.

I heard this pretty bold quote, “If you aren’t helping make someone’s life better, than you probably aren’t living yours right.”And most people won’t let you pour positivity into their life until they see that you are real and sincere, which sometimes means taking down the walls and being open yourself.

In our conversation we talked about perception. I had never really seen this side of Lacey, because I had never taken the time to get to know her as an adult. I had maybe even been guilty of seeing her as the 17 year old Lacey still. It was awesome to get to know she is so real and passionate, funny and authentic. Sincere and adventurous. Courageous enough to just be herself and totally open with someone she’s barely talked to in 15 years.

Nowadays it seems that our perspectives have been pushed towards the negative, even in situations they shouldn’t be. “Too good to be true” is a commonly used phrase. I’ve heard girls complain that the guy they are dating is “too nice.”  …What?

Having the right perspective and state of mind is so important. How do you perceive things when life throws you a curve ball? In a book I am reading it talks a lot about perspecitve and uses the story of David and Goliath. The armies of Israel saw Goliath as a reckless giant, undefeated, too big to kill. David saw Goliath and yes, he was big, he was mean and Goliath didn’t change. But David saw him a different way…he saw that he was too big to miss.

I’m learning that how you perceive things often has a lot more to do with YOU than you realize. This quote says a lot: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”


Til the next “date,”




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One Response to Classmate Date 1: Lacey

  1. Linda says:

    That’s wonderful to connect with an old friend. I think this friendship will continue grow. You are amazing Chelsey!


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