50 Dates With High School Classmates

Its been a long time since I have posted and truth is I just haven’t had something I wanted to post. I considered writing about so many things about life in general, different topics…I even did a vlog on confrontation and how to handle it. But it just didn’t feel right. Plus anything I have wanted to write didn’t go with the “theme” of getting out of your comfort zone, which is what this blog is all about. They say if you are struggling to write it…it probably won’t be that great of a read.

Back to business. This blog has been a great way to express myself, connect with others, and hopefully inspire a few a long the way. The past few weeks I have been tossing around this idea. Sounds a smidgen crazy, but sometimes crazy is good. Right?

FullSizeRenderSo…I was chatting (on Facebook) with a girl I went to high school with about going to my 10 year high school reunion. This girl and I weren’t friends in school; we were in middle school, but went our separate ways once we reached freshman year. In fact, I only talk to 3ish? lovely ladies in my grade still. I didn’t go to my 5 year reunion… I heard it was at the Beer Garden at Anchor Fest. Fun for some, but not exactly up my alley. And truly I didn’t think I would consider going to my 10. Not because I am anti-hometown or anything. I just don’t really hang out there and only talk to 3/50-70? girls in my class. But after chatting with this girl, we realized we have both changed a ton and decided we should catch up if she comes to town. We joked about how we may have even been really close in school had we just been the women we are today.

I started thinking…. I have changed. I am sure a lot of people have.  I went from being into what I was doing Saturday night, gossip, the top 100 and popularity to following my purpose, caring for my family, reading books to grow and change, and getting to know people for their heart.

My mind wandered….’What if…whoa that’d be kind of out there… nahhh that’s dumb…but it would be interesting…what if I did try…well so many people would probably think I was nuts or had a hidden agenda…but shoot it sure would be uncomfortable, different, fun, and totally out there’…. So what am I talking about?! What if I asked every single girl, one-on-one, in my grade to have coffee, lunch, dinner, Facetime, something with me? Is that crazy? Yes. Will this take forever? Yeah. Will there be people who respond? Or just crickets….. Will I be completely rejected? Possibly. Will a few people meet me and maybe let me get to know the woman they are today? I hope.  So here’s to new adventures and a goal of 50 Dates with High School Classmates……to be continued.



Picture is a throwback to Senior Year. 🙂




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One Response to 50 Dates With High School Classmates

  1. carlb40 says:

    Really interesting idea. Look forward to reading about how it goes!


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