The Small Things.

If you are just catching up with lashes-to-lunges, you will find that each week (most weeks anyway) I do a different challenge to get out of my comfort zone. From taking a belly dance class to going to the movies alone. I have learned a lot along the way and have grown a lot as well.

This week, I took on a Pilates class. I had never taken it, never really wanted to, honestly, I just never knew what it was. I do enjoy a hot yoga class from time to time but this pilates thing didn’t sound quite up my alley.

I met the instructor while waiting outside the class. I asked her if she “has taken this class before?” And she informed me that, “yes I am actually the one teaching it.” Well alrighty then. She was super friendly and made me feel comfortable, she also knew what she was doing by the looks of things. (She was ripped.)

The class was fairly small and everyone was welcoming. We started out with some breathing, followed by a few series of things that involved small movements. Twisting side to side with your legs and shoulders off the floor, holding a “ring” up in the air while slowly lowering your extended legs to the ground. My abs were not ready for this and a lot of times my middle area was shaking from trying to hold the pose. We ended with some downwward dog, bent knee planks and my personal favorite yoga pose; pigeon.

All in all the class was simple, I didn’t even work up a sweat. The small movements is what got me. The things like holding your arms up for so long, the bridges that seemed normal but then add “knees together and toes up” and it got a lot harder.

Personally I like a workout that involves things like squats, box jumps, burpees or just lifting weights. But I know tomorrow I will be sore from these small things.

Funny how the small things can make such a big difference. With health for example…..after discussing chinese food with a coworker the other day, it was on my mind and I did indulge. Once. But if I make that decision everyday-365….I probably wouldn’t be too happy with the outcome. Sometimes the small things get overlooked.

What about finances? What small things could you cut out or invest in? Investing in yourself – reading, giving yourself an extra 10 min alone in the morning. How about kids? What small things could you do that may seem small, but to them could mean so much? Read a book before bed, give them undivided attention for an extra 15 min doing whatever they want that doesn’t involve a screen, pray for your children. What about your spouse? Send a nice text, start their car, pack their lunch.

Little things may seem insignificant but ultimately what your daily habits are; do matter. The things that can be easy to do but just as easy not to do. I am picking 3 things to change that are small but to stay consistent with. VanGogh said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’





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2 Responses to The Small Things.

  1. Jessica says:

    What I love about Pilates is the fact you have to concentrate while doing it. It forces you to focus on muscle movement so by the time its over the mind feels released along with the muscles! Love your articles girl! God Bless ❤


  2. beeanni35 says:

    I think I’ve done Pilates at least one time before. I probably did it with my mom back when I was in high school. However, I prefer a more active workout that will get my heart rate up as well as strengthen my muscles.

    I really like what you said about ‘small things’. They may seem insignificant, but they are often more important than we think!

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. A lot has been going on and I’m just getting back into regularly posting on my blog. Blessings! 🙂


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