The Pull.

There I  was… after work, crawling into my bed, squeezing in a quick nap before Johnny got home from a long day out in the cold. Knowing that we would be up late tonight. Ignoring the laundry piled up on the floor, the dinner uncooked, the book unopened on my nightstand. The treadmill beckoning my name downstairs, the phonecalls that need to be made, the taxes that should be started on.

What is that nagging feeling, the pull, that won’t let me just take a 20 minute nap? Ohhh thats it…guilt.

imageIts mid- January and I imagine that people are already starting to feel the same nagging feeling. The resolution of eating healthier tossed out the window after an “off weekend,” the organization goal that began with getting down the Christmas tree, yet there it still stands. The goal of working out every morning but the cold weather makes your bed that much more cozy instead. Well good news…that guilty feeling is telling you something – change it! And it’s not too late! It’s NEVER too late. Who cares that you messed up your goal halfway thru the first month? Today’s a new day! Start fresh now! I always say you will regret the risks that you don’t take, 100 times more than the risks that you do take.

After a 3-5 minute debate with myself, I hopped out of my bed, grabbed an XS and tossed a load of laundry in the washer, did a 20 minute workout in my living room, read a chapter from The Pursuit, went for a walk outside regardless of the cold and made a few calls. Turned on a motivating audio, wrote down some things in my planner, put some pork chops in the oven. Funny how quickly our mindsets can change….an hour an half later and I am ahead of schedule.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are, in my opinion, two kinds of guilt. Guilt that is conviction, (when you know you need to do something but aren’t) and guilt that comes from the enemy, trying to hold us hostage in our own shame. I am talking about the first kind.

There are areas of my life that I have been slacking in, because I let FEAR control my actions. It is time to be BRAVE. Being brave isn’t the abscence of fear, being brave is stinking being fearful and doing it anyway! What are you afraid to do but feel the pull? I know that God has given me a purpose in life…and it may be scary at times but who am I to not pursue His vision for me?  This blog is not my purpose, but it is a tool God has given me to be more open and honest with myself. I have always, always, always, loved words. Ask any good friend of mine and they will tell you I can write a rap, a poem, a rebuttal to a debate, a quote on the spot.

Where do you need to be brave? What area are you hearing a little voice to tell you to move towards? Its not too late! Listen to the pull you’re feeling. Do it! You will only regret it, if you never try.

And on a side note: This week Pilates is my challenge. Thursday. Never been, never wanted to but doing things we don’t want to always makes us grow. Message me for details if you’d like to join.


Have a great night!




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One Response to The Pull.

  1. Randy says:

    Great post as always Chelsey!


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