a bright future.

In the last week I have done several things outside of my comfort zone…from doing a CoMO scavenger hunt full of embarassing tasks all while dressed head to toe in a red-headed Christmas “Wrapper” outfit to actually dyeing my hair a shade of red after thinking on it for a few hours. Volunteering with Dray and J Christmas Eve morning, to seeing my back (lliterally lol) on the front of a local magazine.

imageIt has been a fun couple weeks but I have to say I have had a hard time figuring out what to write about even with all the things. Tonight (New Years eve) it hit me. A whole year and  two months of this blog, trying new things, getting uncomfortable to some degree. Yet, I realize I don’t want to write about these recent experiences because….its not the uncomfortable things I NEED to be doing. It’s easy to choose the fun things that are a little uncomfortable… but what about the hard things? The really uncomfortable stuff. The conversations you need to have, the work you need to do, the changes you need to make.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a ton of fun with this blog and it has most definitely helped improve my self image by being real with people, opening up, doing things out of my comfort zone and connecting with others. But the most important lessons I have learned in life won’t come from my hair color change.

With all that said, I will continue to share my experiences, venture out trying new things but as I reflect on the New Year, my new goals, my new outlook, I want to be focused on what needs to be accomplished.

2015 was awesome. But with a dream and a game plan 2016 will be even better. It will take discipline. It will take stretching myself. It will take a constant vision to focus on. I have never been a huge resolution person, I do however believe that goals are important.

I have done some self reflecting the past couple of days and though it can be hard to be REAL with yourself, I have come up with a list of things I want to improve on and what kind of person I want to grow into. I asked myself one of the most important questions I think you can ask: What kind of life do you want to live?

I have business goals, relationship goals, financial goals. etc. But below are some of the personal goals that ultimately will help mold and shape my other ones. Reflection is good, memories are awesome but looking towards the future is what I want to celebrate.

  • Become more emotionally stable
  • More predictable
  • More aware
  • A better communicator
  • Less offended
  • More forgiving
  • A better positive mental attitude
  • Less judgemental
  • To not gossip
  • Be braver
  • Become a better listener
  • More spiritual
  • More confident
  • Have a magnetic personality
  • A better server
  • A team player

I encourage you to do  some self reflection, be grateful for your past blessings,  and ask yourself what you want 2016 to look like. Hold tight to those dreams and vision and work everyday to accomplish them! Happy New Year!

“Your future is as bright as your faith.”

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