What’s YOUR Brand?

I am a simple kind of girl. Brands have never been my thing. When I shop I’m looking for how I feel in the outfit and if I love the way it looks on, not the name on the tag. 

When we got engaged I was extremely happy to be spending the rest of my life with Johnny but I didn’t want to plan the wedding for the rest of my life either. We were going to be together forever so I wanted to get it done. Date was set for 4 months. I was slow to begin planning. Texts, calls, asking where I would be having it, what flowers I wanted, who would be in the wedding and the main question: HAVE YOU FOUND A DRESS?

photo 3 (1)Well I hadn’t.  I didn’t want to get all wrapped up in the little things when the MARRIAGE is what it’s really about. I was so laid back…some would go as far to say…I was quite the procrastinator. With 4 months to plan there wasn’t much time to procrastinate.

The dress question came up ALL THE TIME. I finally booked a couple appointments. One with Belle Mariee Bridal Boutique. A new bridal boutique that opened up in town. Simple as I was, I wanted the dress to be different. I wanted to go somewhere different than where most brides went.

When I arrived at Belle Mariee, I was greeted by the owner; Jessica. She was kind, genuine, helpful. She treated me like I was important and special. She chose dresses for me, she listened to what I was looking for, she even helped me put them on. She gave her honest opinions when I asked for them. She was a pure joy to have encountered.

I fell in love with a dress but when we checked to see how soon we could get it, there wasn’t enough time. My wedding was April 25th…the dress, at the earliest could arrive early June. I was bummed.

I continued my hunt for a wedding dress. My mom and I went to St. Louis, Tipton, another place in Columbia. Same problem everywhere. No one carried my size in store, it couldn’t be altered down to  fit and there wasn’t enough time to get one in. I began to get a smidgen stressed. Here I had be so relaxed, yet now I was begining to get a little worried.

My mom and I discussed Jessica and Belle Mariee and how badly we wanted to do business there. A new business owner in our hometown, the best customer service I had received. The experiences at other locations majorly failed in comparison to the experience I got at Belle Mariee.

Then the call came. Jessica had worked her magic, she hadn’t given up, she hadn’t forgotten about me. She called and said there was a crazy opportunity that she worked out with the company and I would be able to get my dress at the end of March. I was so happy and grateful. I wore that dress on my wedding day and I was Belle Mariee’s first bride to be married. It was pretty cool.

I ran into Jessica a couple weeks ago and she asked me to be a model for a magazine that was featuring her store. AND she wanted me to wear my dress. I jumped at the chance. It was a blast. I am not nearly as talented as the other girls in the shoot, so we will see if I make it in the magazine, but the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime. Wearing my dress again, wearing GORGEOUS bridesmaid dresses. Feeling special and supporting a company I believe in: Belle Mariee Bridal.

Jessica at Belle Mariee has made her brand. Her “brand” to me, is a place I can trust, a place I can recommend whole-heartedly, a place that goes the extra mile. Exceptional customer service. Gorgeous, unique dresses. Genuine people.

photo 1 (5)What’s your brand? Not your favorite designer. Not your go-to store. But YOUR BRAND. What are YOU about?

I want people to hear my name and have only have good things to say. To say that I am a positive influence, an inspiration, a go-getter, a dreamer, a kind-hearted person, a sharp, strong, ambitious young woman, successful, genuine. To know what my brand’s morals and values are and them to not be questioned. I want people to feel better after interacting with me.

What do you want your brand to say about you? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What example do you want to be to your children? If your name was stamped on something…what words would come to mind?  Belle Mariee has figured this branding thing out. 🙂


Hope you are having an amazing week! Love you all. XOXOXO


Photos: 1) Jessica and I behind the scenes at the photo shoot 2) Me in my actual wedding dress with the precious model flower girl 🙂




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  1. Twyla Power says:

    Awesome and amazing !


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