10 Things You May Not Know About Johnny & I…

  1. photo (13)By choice we don’t have televison. At all. Netflix, cable, country cable..nada.
  2. We have dance parties in our house often, just the three of us or even the two of us.
  3. We want to home school our future children at least awhile before entering private school.
  4. We have a lot in common but our personalities are completely opposite. I am a sanguine-phlegmatic, Johnny is a choleric-melancholy.
  5. Johnny is the spiritual leader in our home. So thankful for that!
  6. Neither of us ever liked to read but as adults we read a lot. Leadership, spiritual, self-help, etc.
  7. Our last name is Conde. Johnny went by a different last name and was known by another last name until he was 27 when we met his dad for the first time. And we took his dad’s last name when we got married.
  8. We are striving to be financially independent through our business by age 30 & 31.
  9. Two places we want to travel in the future: Australia & Israel.
  10. We aren’t homebodies. If we are home, we are probably eating or sleeping.

Challenge announcement coming this week! Stay tuned!

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