Anniversary and Love Dares.

Happy Anniversary! That’s right…lashes-to-lunges’ one year anniversary is coming up on October 1st! And what a year it’s been. Great challenges, lots of personal growth and meeting new faces! Here’s a look back at the last year and the top 25 comfort zone challenges (in date order):

  1. Hot Yoga
  2. Kickboxing Class
  3. Wearing things outside my comfort zone
  4. Sushi
  5. Belly Dancing Class
  6. Cleanse
  7. 5K
  8. Going to a Movie by myself
  9. No Electronics for 24 Hours
  10. Aerial Yoga
  11. Eating a Meal Out Alone
  12. Taking a Barre Class
  13. Affirmation Cards
  14. Girls Night Out w/New Ladies
  15. Couples’ Dance Lessons
  16. Cycling Class
  17. Christian Concert
  18. Aquatics Class
  19. Getting a Thai Massage
  20. Cold Showers for a Week
  21. Getting Back on Social Media
  22. DIY Project
  23. Standing Downtown with Signs
  24. Not Seeing my Reflection for a Day
  25. Goodwill Date Challenge

Thanks to everyone who helped out with ideas, came along and joined in or supported me from their phone or computer screen. It’s been such a blast!

Because of the whole anniversary thing…it got me thinking about love. One of my most requested/biggest complaints about my blog is that I rarely post about Johnny and I’s relationship. Sure he might pop up in a blog post now and then but for the most part I don’t share a lot. No particular reason, just a little bit private with that part of my life. Even with my wedding, I didn’t share a lot. I love the guy to pieces. He has my heart and it’s a REAL relationship. What you see is what you get. Not perfect, but man I love him unconditionally.

bookSo I decided being that its the month of my blog anniversary, I would get out of my comfort zone in a big way as far as love goes. I am going to be starting the Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick book on October 1st. This book was introduced in the movie “Fireproof” and I recommend checking it out online. Β It is a 40 day challenge. You do it alone, not letting your spouse know. You read a short devotional each day and follow with a “Love Dare.” Then you write about how it went. At the end of the 40 days you give that book to your loved one if you choose and by then, a lot of times your relationship will have grown a lot.

Whether your marriage is healthy, happy and strong, or hanging by a thread, I truly believe this book can drastically improve your marriage and reveal your spouse to you in a different light. In a way that our maker sees us.

So for the next month and ten days, I am going to be sharing an excerpt from my “Love Dare” book here and there. Really personal, real stuff! How exciting?! πŸ™‚

As far worrying about Johnny seeing my posts…know this: He doesn’t always read my blog or Facebook. (Gasp!) He lives in the same house as I and we talk A LOT. So most of the time he already knows what I was doing for the challenge, was involved with it, or listened to the rough draft. So as long as you don’t tell him – there’s a good chance he won’t know! πŸ™‚

So what are you waiting for?! Order that book now! A tiny investment for the future or your marriage. Message me or comment if you are doing the challenge too, would love to know!

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