Fearless Fashion. #goodwilldate challenge

imageThis week at lashes-to-lunges the challenge was an absolute blast and the hardest one to date. Johnny and I took on the #goodwilldate challenge. This challenge was started by two couples who wanted to have some fun on a budget. They went to their local thrift store and each spent $10 on an outfit for their significant other, then on a date in those clothes without telling anyone they weren’t serious.

So you are clear this is NOT a knock on second-hand stores or people who shop there. Everyone knows that second-hand stores are just that. Things people have decided they no longer needed and passed down to someone who may get good use out of them. I have taken many bags there myself and while there for the challenge, purchased an adorable yellow, oversized pair of retro sunglasses. Goodwill carries a little bit of everything including nice, name brand clothes for less. As well as a few wild things people have decided to toss out. These items could have been purchased at the local department store but being that we were finding clothes neither of us would enjoy wearing, we went to a thrift store to save a few bucks. The point of the challenge was to dress the other person in a crazy outfit that they would not be comfortable wearing in public. And that is just what we did.

It was pretty fun picking out Johnny an embarrassing outfit. Throwing pieces together that would make for a tacky look. I found the items I needed within 10 minutes. Johnny though, was having trouble finding something for me. I offered some help and picked up several things (that I actually really liked) but he let me know I wasn’t going to get one over on him and that I was not getting the choice of a cute outfit. We tried on our outfits in the store and when we were both satisfied with the outcome, paid at the register and were on our way.

imageWe quickly changed clothes when we got home and started cracking up as we took pictures of each other, somewhat wondering if we were really going to go through with this. We decided to head to Orange Leaf; a frozen yogurt place off of Stadium.

We pulled in and both of us started getting butterflies. Our conversation turned into hesitation. “Babe I don’t want to do this, I don’t think I can.” Johnny nervously replied, “Oh man this is intense!” He started to open the car door and I raised my voice. “Get back in, get back in! I can’t do this. Oh my gosh you’re outfit…why didn’t I just buy you pants!?” Johnny responded with “Chelsey its packed in there and going to keep getting busier, lets just do it and get it over with.” I could hardly take him seriously in the ridiculous getup he was wearing. I sucked it up and stepped out.

When we got inside it was like a big elephant was in the room. Everyone noticed us. We casually got our fro-yo and made our way to the counter to pay. I could tell the guy behind the register was holding back questions. imageAfter paying we sat out front, right by the door with several college aged girls. We took our time. I began getting more comfortable and less nervous. People passed us as they entered. I asked a girl to take our photo and I think she was a little freaked out. We smiled and posed and I thanked her. We took a little stroll down around the shopping center after we finished our treat. Laughing together and telling each other how fun that was and crazy it was that we almost let what people think keep us from doing the challenge. I learned so much from this challenge. To name a few:

  1. To Lighten Up. I am pretty outgoing and love to have fun but sometimes I need reminded of this myself. To loosen up and stop taking myself so seriously. Being uptight never makes for a good story.
  2. I Am in Love. BIG TIME. I already knew this but man, to have a husband who is willing to step out of his comfort zone with me, embarrass himself on my behalf, encourage me, etc. is just awesome. Things like this bring us closer together and I am head over heels for this guy.
  3. To Not Care What Other People Think. I almost didn’t go through with the experience because I was too worried about the thoughts of another human being! How silly is that? And even more than that… most of the time its a self-image issue. Was my self-image good enough to not worry about how I look to others? Was I so insecure that I couldn’t just be silly for an afternoon? Fear sometimes has more to do with yourself than others. Fear is actually a pretty selfish thing.

photo (12)This whole experience of stepping out of my comfort zone has been a blast and has really helped me grow…thanks for joining me on this journey!

Photos: 1) Johnny choosing my outfit 2) Helping myself to some frozen yogurt inside Orange Leaf 3) The two of us in our smashing outfits 4) What we wore later that night when we were being ourselves 🙂

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