The Best Conversation.

Last Friday I challenged myself to talk less and listen more, and to listen to understand, not reply. I learned a lot. I could tell one of my close coworkers was wondering why I was so quiet and I reminded her about my challenge as she reads my blog. She quickly remembered the challenge and was relieved as she had thought something was wrong. Crap, I thought, I must usually talk a TON.

My day was peaceful. Productive. Refreshing. Energizing. I can’t believe how much “talking” can exhaust me. I felt like I had all this energy saved up by the time I picked the little man up from school. Several times I reached for my phone to make a call to a friend but then stopped myself if the call was just to “chat.” I decided I’d be available if someone called me.

convoThey say women use about 20,000 words a day while men average about 7,000. Wow. I would say that’s true in our household. Sure Johnny talks to me a lot and we have great conversations on a daily basis but I believe that is because we have the same dreams and goals therefore we are on the same page about what we are doing, where we are going, our plans etc. But there are times I ask a lot of questions. Because I am a girl and sometimes we just want to know! And sometimes I think that may drive him a tad crazy. 🙂

As far as the listening goes, it was good. I really tried to hear people and understand when they talked, including my husband. If he was sharing something, I wouldn’t interrupt but try to really hear him. It’s crazy how if you take the focus off yourself and allow the person to share as much as you have time for, they will.  I felt like people knew I cared, that I wasn’t distracted or planning for my reply to the conversation. I was just there to listen.

There can be so much “noise” in life. Hustle and bustle, social media, opinions, politics, complaining, drama, scandal, status, etc. Let’s just slow down and think about the big picture. Block out all the noise and focus on what’s important. I think we will find, its people. This life is short and the time is now to be there for the people you care about. To focus on the things that really matter in life. Is it okay to call to say hello? Yes, absolutely. But make sure that person you are calling gets a chance to be heard, to be understood. That you aren’t just waiting on the other line for your opportunity to say something great. Some of the best conversations I have had, is when I have just listened.

There is a great listener and HE is more than excited to hear from you. Sometimes it’s easy to think of God as this far away thing. To not really feel like he hears you or knows your heart. If you are a parent I ask you to think about this. You know the love you feel for your child? The hurt you feel when they hurt, the desire for them to need you, to do well in life, to be what you know they can be. God is our heavenly father and He wants you to come to Him about everything. He loves you more than you know. Give Him a call. And don’t be afraid to just listen. You might just have the best conversation of your life.

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