10 Last Things….


The last person I texted: Alaina

 The last book I read: Circle Maker

The last thing I ate: bacon & toast (wow, I eat bacon way too much!)

The last song I heard: “How Can It Be” by Lauren Daigle

The last time I laughed: This morning at something my Dad or brother said

The last time I cried: Not sure, been awhile but probably a happy cry

The last phone call I made: Johnny this morning  – talking about our plans for after work today

The last dream I had: The last one I remember was someone I went to high school with messaged me about needing friends and she became a part of our business team and it changed her life

The last purchase I made: couple gifts for baby shower and a bday party

The last photo on my camera roll: a selfie of Johnny, Dray and I, all with mustaches on at a birthday party…not gonna post that one lol

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