A little less talk…

How many times have you done this? Someone is telling a story, sharing an opinion or talking about their day and you, instead of hanging on to their every word, are silently preparing what you are going to say next. The story that YOU have to tell, the perspective they just HAVE to hear, what amazing thing YOU experienced in your day. G.U.I.L.T.Y.

listen2I do this quite often. I have caught myself lately interrupting, which is 1) incredibly rude and embarrassing and 2) almost a sure sign that I just want to talk, not listen to understand. It’s human nature to want to be heard, feel important, contribute to the conversation. However, most people don’t really LISTEN. They hear it not to understand, but to have something to give in return to the statement.

Tomorrow for my challenge I am going to talk less and listen more. I will have clients at work, be training a co-worker, be with the boys. But unless spoken to, I won’t talk unless absolutely necessary. I’ll say my hellos to my co-workers, my I-love-yous to the boys but not talk to just hear myself or to be heard. And intently listen when someone else is talking. I challenge you to do the same!

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