This last week for my comfort zone challenge I planned out my days in advance. They were jammed pack full of things I could control like appointments, meetings, time with the fam, workouts, reading, errands, road trips, and a few I couldn’t like some sweet surprises, cancellations, and even a fender-bender. Yesterday my day looked like this:

  • 6AM – Wake up! Workout
  • 6:30AM – Shower, breakfast, etc
  • 7:45AM – Drop mijo off at school
  • 8AM – Work
  • 3PM – Pick up car from the shop
  • 3:30PM – Yearly doctor visit
  • 5:15PM – Take mijo to flag football orientation
  • 6:45PM – Primrose Hill Gala Event
  • 8:30PM – Meeting
  • 10:00PM – Read, plan, laundry, snuggle the hubby
  • 11:30PM – And Goodnight! (and before midnight, that’s rare!)

photo (5)We’ve all heard it, all have said it. “I’m just too busy for that.” “There isn’t enough time in the day.” The truth is we all have 24 hours. Being too busy basically means it’s not a priority. I had this conversation the other day with someone. They asked how often I work out and I said about 15-20 min everyday. They responded with, “Why not more?”  I said, “I am just too busy.” Insert foot into mouth. I immediately thought ‘that’s not true.’ What I really meant is working out an hour a day is not a priority to me at this moment. Do I want to? Uhh yeah!! I would love too and I am sooooooo trying hard to become a morning person so its done and out-of-the-way. But on a normal day, the extra 30 min of sleep is the current priority.

Throughout the past week I have also been keeping up with my Buns, Guns and Ab Challenge as well as my 30 days of Decluttering. I have cleaned out from under beds, night stands, random drawers, organized my jewelry, my gift wrapping, luggage, gone through all 3 of our closets and thrown out more clothes than I could have imagined. Had I tried all this in one day, I would probably not have completed it nor would I have been in a great mood. The 5-10 minutes each day of decluttering has helped a lot and it makes a big difference.

being busySticking to the strict schedule was helpful, a tad exhausting at times though. I totally believe in focus, but I also believe in resilience. If things don’t go quite as planned I don’t get my panties all in a twist. Just like the other morning when I got into a fender bender and missed my first 2 appts at work and waited an hour and half for an officer to show up, or when I realized the steaks I was going to grill that evening, didn’t get thawed out in time so we had to improvise and have breakfast for dinner. Or when a meeting with a prospect didn’t go as planned, I realized that there are things I can’t control and as long as I did what I needed to, then that’s what matters.

There is a major difference in being busy and being productive. Jobs often give you “busy work,” or what I call – the tasks that aren’t that important but keep you moving.

The other night I got a phone call from one of my best friends. The little man was already tucked into bed, Johnny was in the living room reading, I was folding laundry and in my workout clothes about to do a legit 30-45 minutes in the garage. I answered the phone and quickly our conversation went from “surface talk” to “real talk.” I am not sure the last time I had this deep of a conversation with this friend. It was a conversation of things that mattered. It was heart to heart, it was me listening, not just hearing. It was productive. Two hours later, I am hanging up the phone (it’s now past 11pm) in my backyard because I like to walk and talk at the same time. My heart was full. My mind was positive. I am so glad I picked up the phone and chose being productive over being busy. Did I workout or finish that load of clothes? Nope. But did that convo make a difference in both of our lives? Yes.

In this challenge I learned a lot about focus, productivity and preparation. I also learned about using the time we have to connect with others. Don’t get so “busy” in life that you miss out on a moment where you can make a difference. This life is soooo short and I want to be a light in the darkness, use my gifts God gave me, follow my dreams, impact others.

I am probably not going to make a difference in anyone’s life by staying indoors, watching movies, doing dishes or getting an extra 30 min of sleep. It’s those moments where we choose to get out and meet people, where we choose to connect with someone, where we tell our child we love them and how special they are, where we be an example, where we ask God to put the people in our path. Now that is productivity. I love you all!

Stay tuned for next week’s challenge and some fun new things coming to lashes-to-lunges!

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