Change of Plans.

September is here….the month of change. Where the weather starts to cool down (except in Missouri ;)) classes are in session, the holiday season isn’t far away. Where the calendar is full, and where boots, jeans and sweaters inch their way into the usual wardrobe. I am naturally a photo (4)summer lover but this year the season of fall is growing on me and I embrace change as does my hair color. Hence the selfie. 🙂

With a 30 day month on the calendar I feel like a new, clean slate has been put into place. Johnny and I have much we want to accomplish in September in our business, relationship and work life. I too, have many personal goals and challenges I want to face and overcome. I ‘pinterested’ the phrase ’30 day’ and the results were endless. Everything from a 30 day fitness challenge, 30 days to declutter your home, to 30 days of meal plans and 30 days to becoming a better wife.

By nature I am not a planner. I like surprises, I love me some spontaneity. I am not someone who enjoys lists and checking them off or plans things out way in advance. I understand there is some responsibility that needs to be met and yes, we do have a home of structure for the little man and the bills are paid but I don’t believe the world will come crashing down if something doesn’t happen EXACTLY as planned.

However…lately I feel like I could use some organization. I realize that though I am not a melancholy (planner, detailed) or a choleric (take charge, in control) personality, there are a few things I could learn from my fellow orderly friends. (if you don’t know the 4 personality traits, they are: Melancholy, Choleric, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic. I am a Sanguine/Phlegmatic. Read Personality Plus if you want to learn more; a fabulous book to help you understand yourself, your spouse, others, your children, etc!)

So from now til next Tuesday I am embracing that melancholy part of me hidden deep down inside and PLANNING my day in entirety. (the weekend I may let slide a little more but if I have things to accomplish, I plan to get them done.) Doesn’t seem like a big ab challengechallenge by any means BUT it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I usually have a few things to get done, appts in the evening etc but that snooze button gets easy to hit if you don’t HAVE to get out of bed early.

I am also probably going to do the Buns, Guns and Ab Challenge for the month (double today to catch up!) as well as this guide to decluttering: ( 

So two questions….what are you looking to accomplish in September? And any suggestions for a challenge for me next week? Because ya know I kinda need to have it planned out. 🙂 Ready, set, go!

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