He Loves You.

This past week @ lashes-to-lunges I did a 3 part challenge: 1) Stand for something I care about 2) Take up a lesson on something I’ve been wanting to learn and 3) Push myself physically.

I will start with the 2nd challenge. Learning something new. Spanish is something I have always wished I would have paid a little more attention to in high school and especially now that we connected with Johnny’s dad and family who speak the language. (I am so grateful for the Conde’s or should I say “Mi familia!”) My co-worker recently decided to take some classes online and she showed me a site called, http://www.duolingo.com. It is a really neat way to brush up on the language skills of your choice as well as increase your vocabulary. I am currently 16% fluent in Spanish. ūüôā It takes a constant effort as it is easy to forget just as easy as it is to learn. This is something I hope to pursue further and grow with!

The 3rd challenge was to push myself physically. I attempted to attend 3 consecutive days of hot yoga classes, however the 3rd I wasn’t able to make any time for. I did workout that photo 3 (6)morning however. Just a quick run, weights and abs. I had forgotten how much I love (and kinda hate) hot yoga. It felt amazing and miserable all at the same time. The good kind of workout where you know your body is improving because of the pain its going through. I call that a success in my book.

Now back to the 1st challenge. Stand up for something I care about. What an experience this was! I will gladly do it again.

Let me start from the beginning and why I decided to do this.  Anytime you turn on the TV, open up your laptop, pull up Facebook its EVERYWHERE. Politics, opinions, controversy. A riot going on over here, a march going on over there, a protest, a fundraiser, a rally. Sometimes the things people fight for seem absolutely silly to me. Sometimes they are absolutely beautiful. On occasion I think about how many more important things the media could cover or how donations to things could be used to make a more positive difference elsewhere.

Freedom of speech photo 1 (13)is something I truly believe in and am so thankful for.  I started thinking about how people are willing to stand for things.  It can seem crazy, some would say fanatical. I started thinking about what I want to be fanatical about. My answer was easy. God and the hearts of others.

I called up my friend Jordan, and asked her if she would be willing to join me in this challenge and without the slightest hesitation,¬†she was in. So Saturday afternoon I threw¬†a couple of signs together, met Jordan and headed downtown. For 1 hour we stood on Broadway with signs reading, “God Loves You No Matter What” and “Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you.”

The response was awesome. Probably 50 people honked, waved, gave us a thumbs up. It was neat to be able to see the faces of others. Their surprised faces, a few not so happy looks, lots of smiles, a headnod. Harley bikers honked (who knew motorcycles¬†had horns?!) and gave us a thumbs up, a a couple literally still in their wedding attire with the words, “Just Married” on the back of their SUV waved and hollered out the window. A veteran gave us a sincere nod. Children in the backseat were waving and looked photo 4 (1)to be asking their parents what we were doing. College kids, older couples, young men, moms with their kids, honking and waving. A few people even videoed us from their phones.

A couple stopped on the street and asked us why we were doing this. The answer was simple, we truly just wanted people to know that God really does love them. It doesn’t matter what we have all done, where we may be at in our spiritual walk, He loves us and wants to know us. I don’t know if what we did truly affected anyone. I choose to believe that it did. That even if we touched just one person, that it was worth it. It affected me for sure. To stand for something I believe in, to be proud to be a child of God, to spread the word, to not be ashamed. I have the best gift anyone could have, the gift of eternal life photo 2 (14)and unconditional love from my Savior, so who am I not to share that?

The thought of this challenge seemed a tad intimidating¬†at first but now I realize how not big of a deal it was. It’s simple. I love God, he loves me too. ¬†And He loves YOU.

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8 Responses to He Loves You.

  1. What a great thing to do! I could not be prouder of you Chelsey! and Jordan!


  2. Melissa says:

    Proud to be your sis! ūüôā


  3. Gary North says:

    WAY TO GO, Chels and Jordan! Way. To. GO!!!!! ¬†(thanks for asking….I see you used my suggestion, which makes me feel like I was there too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tabatha Rice says:

    You all are awesome! I am so proud to know you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Randy says:

    You never cease to amaze me my sweet, beautiful daughter!! I am so proud of you! May God bless you always as I know he will.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. elaine wills says:

    Awsome girls


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