Lights, Camera, Action.

It’s Tuesday! And I am not saying, “Gosh, can’t wait til Friday!” Why not? Because who wants to rush through life when the time already passes so fast!? Living for the weekends teamis not the life I want to live because that means I am wishing away 5 days out of 7! So yes, its Tuesday and there are 3 more workdays left but everyday is a gift, a chance to win, a time to cherish!

After a great weekend with amazing friends, mentors, snuggling of a new baby, quality time with the little man…my heart is full! I am ready to take on a few challenges this week even though I look at my datebook and see the pages are filledl! I have several things planned to challenge myself this week but am going to give vague challenge descriptions. Details will come with the completed challenges!

They are as follows:

  • Stand for something I care about.
  • Take up a lesson on something I have been wanting to learn.
  • Push myself physically!

life-beginsExcited to jump in and get out of my comfort zone! You can’t grow yourself doing the same things day in and day out. Stretch yourself this week! Read a new book, meet a new friend, learn a new skill, do something for someone else, go out of your way for a good cause, do something that you normally wouldn’t, just dive in and don’t think about it! Action cures fear. And I want to be fearless! So lights, camera, action!

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2 Responses to Lights, Camera, Action.

  1. Amanda M says:

    So excited to see what these are this week!!!


  2. Soar like an eagle, my daughter! You were made to fly!


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