Do. It. Yourself. That’s exactly what I did and it was interesting to see the least! This week at lashes- to -lunges I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone by doing a DIY project. AKA  Copy Off of Pinterest Project, AKA Pretend I Know What I Am Doing.

Little mijo’s bday is just around the corner and for his birthday he wanted to have a friend stay the night and play Minecraft. That was his simple request. Oh and lunch at my mom’s. Easy enough. A few months back we completely did away with cable, Netflix and Xbox. And I sincerely haven’t missed it. No daily dose of negative at 5pm everyday, no temptation to get sucked into the latest reality show while I should be doing _____. The little man hasn’t seemed to care either. Our days and evenings consist of playing outside, photo 1 (12)swimming, building legos, playing jenga, monopoly, coloring, having nerf wars, reading, working out, and watching movies from our childhood and seeing Drayden’s face when he discovers Sandlot, Dennis the Menace, Willy Wonka, and so on.

We do watch movies as I mentioned and we do have an iPAD and a DVD player in the car. But not constantly having the TV playing has been amazing and has really got Johnny and I focused on what we need to be doing and made the quality time together just that.

But since I cannot resist a puppy dog face request, I borrowed my friends Xbox and decided to use this challenge as an opportunity to turn downstairs into a bit of a Minecraft Man Cave. Lol, it was far from it but I still was excited to surprise the little man. And to take it one step further I challenged myself to making a Minecraft cake. If you know me at all, you know I am not the best cook, or good, or really even decent. I tend to skip instructions and have had many a dishes turn out less than delicious. Johnny is a great cook and I would prefer him to cook anyways so it works out nicely.

I used to paint and draw quite a bit and Drayden has a pretty large collection of craft tools too so I looked up a few ideas and was able to create a pretty fun downstairs, “torches” on a “stone wall” with LED lights, writing in “Minecraft font” on random pieces of wood in the garage, wrapping up a washer box to look like TNT. If you are like me and barely know a photo 2 (13)thing about Minecraft then this will not look the least impressive. But the little man was impressed and I was pleasantly surprised at my capabilities and how easy this was to put together.

The cake….well that was a different story. Johnny was running errands while I was working on the cake…by the time he got home with the chocolate frosting I had forgotten, I was less than excited about the 3 layer 9 inch square cake. The kitchen was DESTROYED. In the picture you will see just the table, not the counters and sink…Why is there a stapler on the table?  I do not know. Johnny wanted to snap a photo of me icing the cake so I faked a calm look when I really wanted to smash the cake with my fist and call up HyVee. But finally I was able to produce this beauty. I proclaimed “I will never do that again,” as I sat down on the chair after cleaning the kitchen up for what seemed like hours. Baking is exhausting. It would have been a bout a thousand times easier to call up the local bakery and request this cake photo 3 (5)but a challenge is a challenge.

So what’s the moral of the story you might ask? Make that phone call. You won’t regret it…. Okay, okay that’s not the only thing I learned from this challenge. I was thinking about the words Do It Yourself. And how it rang true with this challenge. I wanted to throw in the towel on the cake or ask Johnny to finish it for me (ha now that would have been interesting!) but I had no other choice than to do it myself.

photo 4

I think about this in a wider perspective, one of just life in general. God is definitely my guide, definitely working in me and my life, but it’s still up to me on how I do things. He lays out the foundation, gives us the vision, yet we have to take the action. The other night several of us were talking about how it’s in those inconvenient moments that God can really give you a word you need to hear if you just seek a little more. We got home at 12:30 Tuesday night and wanted to crawl into bed but we decided to read first. Johnny opened the bible to the following. The words jumped off the page. God is amazing. “Then David continued, “Be strong and courageous and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” – 1 Chronicles 28:20  Love you all!

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4 Responses to DO IT YOURSELF.

  1. Randy says:

    Great story and challenge!


  2. Bea Inscore says:

    Love this! And love you and your sweet little family!


  3. Looks like you guys had a great time – and I’m so glad everything turned out perfectly! 🙂


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