Happiness is a Choice.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a smile on my face. I hopped out of bed and into the shower. Started getting ready and peeked into the bedroom to see Johnny still asleep. I began singing to wake him up. I continued the singing to the bathroom to finish getting ready, to the closet to get dressed and so on. Eventually he was like, “Ooookayy,” in a ‘I love you but really that’s enough voice.’ Which then made me think of the song ‘He Knows My Name’ by Francesca Battistelli and the part where it says, “I’m not meant to just stay quiet, I’m meant to be a lion.” He couldn’t help but start his day off good as well because the cheerfulness was contagious.

photoOff to church we went where I was to be the door greeter. I greeted each and every person I could with a sincere, “Good morning,” and a smile on my face. I met a few new people and made some new friends. Exchanged phone numbers with a couple of people looking to branch out and meet others. Even snapped a selfie with Johnny in the foyer. An older gentleman I greeted made my day when he told me that my husband and I are the one of the most beautiful couples he has ever met. It almost made me tear up.

The message was great, the music was great, the worship was great. The atmosphere was one of positivity, friendliness, and excitement. People on fire for God.

We left the parking lot feeding off of each other’s great attitudes and smiles. It dawned on me that WE decided what kind of day today was going to be. That start of our day continued into our afternoon and evening, feeling like we were productive and joyful.

Am I a bowl full of cheeriness everyday? No. Do I wake up every morning singing and jumping out of bed? No. But why not? Why not choose to make each day great? John Maxwell says, “Life is about 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” Man that’s good stuff! And so true! Have you ever known someone personally or maybe just read a story about someone who has been through some awful things, who has had some major heartache in their life or some health issues and yet they live a full, exciting, amazing life? That’s because they chose to react with the best attitude possible.

Johnny and I go through stuff, deal with stuff, our lives aren’t perfect. We have a lot of goals we want to achieve, a lot of work to do, a lot of things to overcome. But yesterday set the tone for the week. Why not set the tone for the week to be a great one? Lots of people hate Mondays. Why not embrace it? Why not make it great?! Why not choose to be happy?

When you figure out your purpose it’s easy to look past the unpleasant things and at the big picture!

This week for my challenge I am doing a DIY project for little mijo’s birthday… I can draw, I am pretty creative… but I wouldn’t say I’m really “crafty.” So this should be interesting to say the least! Jessica over @ semisweettooth.com challenged me to do something like this, so here it goes! Pictures to come after the challenge is complete! Have a great day and smile – it really is contagious!

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2 Responses to Happiness is a Choice.

  1. i love this post! i made a video on my channel really similar to this topic and ive written about it a lot. even for me its easy to forget to practice what i preach! this was a good reminder 🙂 i love you!


  2. beeanni35 says:

    Hey! I haven’t been very consistent lately with my blogging or reading other blogs. So, I’m catching up on what I missed. Loved this post! Also think that’s a great quote! You can choose to react in a positive way to your circumstances; you can choose joy! 🙂 Have a great day!


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