New Ink…on the Flesh and on the Web.

Welcome to lashes-to-lunges! Each week here I do a different challenge to get out of my comfort zone! I have done tons of things from no electronics for 24 hours, belly dancing, eating sushi, to hot yoga and cold showers. This week I got a tattoo….okay its a henna tattoo but you know you thought it was real! Haha, and really I bombed doing a challenge this week with the 4th and Johnny’s birthday being this week. So lets count this as one and then we’ll start fresh!

We were at the lake for Johnny’s birthday, down at the strip and I thought I would try out a henna tattoo. Tatts have never been my thing. I don’t dislike them but I just don’t want one. I couldn’t even choose this temporary one. It was pretty hilarious. And the guy had me believing it may hurt a little bit. I seriously thought for a moment he wasn’t just pulling my leg. So after a 10 minute debate on this 10 dollar tattoo, I went with a cross that was bigger than my liking because the smaller ones were sold (72)

Drayden kept asking me why I don’t get a real one and couldn’t understand why I don’t want one. It’s not the pain, it’s just a personal preference. Johnny has several and I like them on him, I personally just don’t want one. That wasn’t a good enough answer for little mijo.

So I explained it like this, “Do you like bananas?”


“Is it bad that Daddy and I like bananas?”


“Why don’t you like bananas?”

He shrugged his shoulders and said,  “I don’t know, I just don’t.”

“Okay that’s why I don’t want a real one, just like you don’t want a banana.”

Hey I thought it was a good conversation. 🙂

So this next challenge I am going to do I am really dreading….I have been off of social media for a good 4-5 years. Other than this blog, I don’t have anything. No facebook, twitter, instagram, anything. As I type this I am thinking of all the other challenges I could do instead…but I am getting a facebook account. For 1 week. I am not permanently getting on there, I may stick around longer, I don’t know, we will see how it goes. I just know that from personal experience it can become a big distraction, be a place of negativity, etc. But it’s not out of your comfort zone if you WANT to do it right?! I probably won’t be really searching people out to add or posting albums of photos, etc but go ahead, add me, let’s see how it goes!

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