Don’t Miss a Steven.

At lashes-to-lunges I do a different challenge each week. This past week my goal was to workout at the gym at least 5 out of 7 days and refrain from eating fast food, restaurant food and gas station food. I already updated you all up to day 5. Day 6 was a little tough. We went out with some friends to a restaurant late night and I brought my own drink and snack. I watched lots of people eat pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, etc….my favorite food is breakfast food. But I resisted.

Then Day 7; Wednesday came. I packed my lunch that morning while drinking my protein shake and then it happened…I forgot my lunch in the fridge. I thought about waiting til I got off work to eat but I usually eat every few hours and figured that was almost impossible. I then decided to suck it up and go to Subway. I walked across the street and ordered a chicken breast on wheat and a water. Not awful and hey, Jared ate it right? I did my workout that night and finished the challenge with success in that aspect.

clockThe simple thing I took away from this 6 word question…what do you make time for? I MADE time for the workouts even if it was just 30-45 minutes. I MADE time to pack my lunch in the morning (maybe should have allowed a little more time on Wednesday and wouldn’t have forgotten it in a hurry). But I MADE the time.

It really got me thinking about what I MAKE time for. I am a busy person. My husband owns a traditional business, I work two jobs doing office work and as an Esthetician, we also do a business together, we have little mijo (who plays a TON of sports :)), we are involved with our church, etc. But do we make time for each other as a couple? Do we make time to throw the ball with Drayden, to teach him about God? Do we make time for God each day? Do we make time to read from the bible and other books to help us grow?

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. What about the little things? A smile, a sincere hello to the cashier, a handshake, a compliment to a stranger. Or are we too busy or blindsided and not see the things out of our peripheral. Tonight I came into Panera to type this post and Johnny had some bids to write-up as well as some calls to make. I got my seat, Johnny got up to grab us some coffee and a young man across the way started talking about the rain to me. I kindly interacted. I could tell he was searching for something whether he knew it or not. He just needed a friend for a minute. That minute turned into 5 minutes and we were in conversation about his recent divorce but positive outlook, his new job, what he’s going to school for. After 5 minutes Johnny came back with our drinks and I introduced him to my new friend Steven. As I sit here now, over 45 minutes later, I have moved to a chair in a different section of Panera and Johnny and Steven are now at the table we were at originally and are in deep conversation. It’s almost making me tear up thinking about how regardless of what Steven gets out of the time Johnny is making for him, he at least knows that someone cares. Because Johnny decided to make the time.

How weird is that? That this is what I intended to write about and here it is happening. Man I love how God works. Sometimes I literally don’t have time to eat dinner with someone, to go out, to talk on the phone for 2 hours, I am totally guilty of not “making time.” I hope that anyone reading this who maybe I haven’t made time for, knows that I am sorry and I will do better. I know that following God’s plans and purpose is what I am focused on but I need to do a better job of seeing out of my peripheral. Making sure I don’t miss a Steven without taking some time.

Colossians 3:17 says “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” And that includes what I do with my time. 🙂

Love you all!

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