Weekend Update: From Junk Food to Gym Junkie

Weekend Update: For 7 days I challenged myself to no eating out, no stops in the gas station, or the drive thru. As well as attempting to make it to the gym for 5 out of the 7 days minimum. Today will be day 6. So how do you think I did from Friday-Monday?

I did pretty stinkin’ sweet. 🙂 Friday nightphoto 1 I made it to the gym at 11:00. (see selfie of me pointing to the clock, yes that’s PM) Better late than never. Packed my lunch for work that morning and made dinner after the little man’s baseball game that night. Saturday we were on the road and I came prepared with enough food in the car for 4 people. However, I ate it all. 🙂 There were a few gas station stops, Subway and Wendy’s. I never wavered. I even had to hold the photo 3drink carrier with a frosty on it and it was all I could do to just look away. I didn’t make it to the gym Saturday as we got home so late after swinging by and picking up mijo from my parents.

photo 2Sunday was a great day of celebrating my husband and the awesome father he is as well as my own Dad! Very, very blessed to have these two men in my life. At church, Johnny offered me a donut hole and a sip of his coffee and I told him thanks but no thanks with a “uhh did you forget my challenge?” look :). It was hard but I was happy I resisted. Sunday night I made it up to the gym as well as yesterday.

Just two more days left of sticking to it and I will have successfully completed this challenge! Stay tuned to see how I did and what I learned from it!

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One Response to Weekend Update: From Junk Food to Gym Junkie

  1. Nice! Keep up the good work! I’m such a sucker for fat, salt and sugar.

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