Day 1 of Challenge: Junk Food to Gym Junkie

So for my challenge this week I am staying away from restaurant food, fast food etc and trying to hit the gym up a minimum of 5 times in 7 days. Here’s a recap of yesterday which was day one:

photo 1 (1)Breakfast was a protein shake, eggs and fruit. Lunch was a meal bar, fruit and green beans. Dinner was a turkey sandwich, tortilla chips and applesauce. Few snacks throughout the day. I did sneak some cobbler and ice cream in there but I ate way less than normal. Resisted making any stops and spending money elsewhere. Felt pretty good about my choices for the most part.

Worked out at the gym for 45 min with the hubby. (well not together really but he was there) I wanted to have proof I made it to the gym but the idea of everyone seeing me take a selfie made me decide to just have him take one. He snapped this while I was doing pullups. Scratch that. A pullup. 🙂 Man it was hard! I did arms/shoulders with weights then full speed on the elyptical for 5 minutes. Followed by legs/glues with some weights and machines, and 5 minutes running on the treadmill. And lastly an ab workout with Johnny beside me on the mat, ending with 5 minutes on the bike. I was sweaty and wobbly.

photo 2I hadn’t been at a gym in a while and I forgot how closed off people can be. It was silent in there except for the music, everyone with their headphones on or staring at the TV screens in front of them. Not that I want to chat everyone up or anything but sometimes I think people aren’t just “in the zone,” they actually don’t want to have to have a conversation or smile. I smiled at everyone, headphones or not. 🙂

Afterwards I went and met a newer friend of mine at Stephen’s Lake and we walked for almost an hour and did 3.5 miles. Lots of good conversation, much more personal than the gym. Smile on my face as I got in my car.

I was pretty beat, I headed home, showered and back out the door to get some more stuff done. Successful first day of the challenge in my book!

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