From Junk Food to Gym Junkie

A few months ago I was at a conference and Chef Jason Roberts was there talking about our company’s bars and protein shakes and more. He is an energetic Australian and very funny. At one point he was talking about that skinny feeling when you wake up in the morning. He acted like he was stretching in his bed and then touched his waist and in his accent sighed, “Ahhh..skinny.” It was pretty hilarious because a lot of people could relate to that and how he said the moment he ate something though, that feeling left.

Well lately I haven’t been having that skinny feeling in the morning. J and I have been running nonstop and sometimes we grab something on the go, or go out late at night to eat. We have a scale in our bathroom that we only bought for little mijo to see where he’s at during wrestling season. (if you aren’t familiar with wrestling, class is dependent upon age and weight) I have maybe stepped on it a handful of times since we got it 2 years ago. I didn’t have to get on it to know that the number has increased.

Now, I know that I am not overweight and a lot of people think it may be ridiculous for me to even be concerned or talking about this. I don’t honestly care what the number on the scale says, I care about how I feel. And I know that I am not feeling I am at my best, which makes me more tired, less confident, and I don’t want that 5 extra lbs slowly sneaking up to 10 and so on. So all judgement aside, for myself I need to grab the bull by the horns. I work with a company that produces phenomenal meal bars, protein shakes, healthy energy drinks, snacks, you name it, so it’s a little ridiculous that I am not just eating and drinking those on the go.

Procrastination is something I have struggled with in the past so its time to turn that procrastination into preparation and prepare my food for the day. To be my best customer. Time to forget the extra 30 min of sleep and go to the gym. Yes the gym. I am not a gym person and never have been. I strongly believe in making your house a place of health and wholeness and using the space and spare time to do your workouts in your garage, living room, etc. Because leaving the house involves a sitter for some, money for the membership and more time away.

But with this blog, the point is to do something that is a challenge. And getting to the gym everyday would def be a challenge. Often I leave the house in the morning at 7 and do not get home til 11pm. Bed is usually 12 or 1. We are super busy people and so it’s not like I can just cut back on the Netflix and time will open up. I will actually have to plan and put the gym into my date book and make time for it.

I am a little scared to post this because I really want to succeed at it and resist temptation, defeat procrastination. But a challenge is supposed to be challenging! So here we go…For the next 7 days, I plan to completely resist any gas station food (ahh Casey’s donuts I love you!) fast food, restaurant food, and workout at the gym a minimum of 5 days in those 7. :\ My rule of thumb will be at least 30 min in the gym, and if it’s not from our business or I didn’t make the meal, I won’t eat it!

Join me! And follow along as I post the progress! 🙂

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3 Responses to From Junk Food to Gym Junkie

  1. Kate Maxcy says:

    You got this, Chelsey! A month ago I decided to make the change to not eat meat (for a few different reasons), but setting one goal for a week and having it turn into a month is a great feeling! Good luck!!

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  2. Life is SO hectic so it’s natural for other things to fall out of focus. I myself have sort of backed away from the gym scene to do other forms of exercise at home. I think this challenge will be perfect to help you find a work, life and exercise balance even if it doesn’t always include going to the gym. Good luck! 🙂

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