Awards & Challenges

In the past couple of months, lashes-to-lunges has been nominated for some really great awards. There is usually rules that come attached to the awards, like share 10 things people don’t know about you, share 10 blogs you like, etc. I am not going to do that today because I really need to read up on the following things I need to do for each award that I have received. So look for that in the future. In the meantime, I am going to say thank you to each of the 3 kind people who have nominated me.

1. Nomination for Very Inspiring Blogger Award  presented by my good friend over at – I absolutely love the simplicity and realness of her blog, always easy to read, uplifting/thought-provoking. Really enjoy her blog and am so thankful for this nomination!

2. Nomination for Most Creative Blogger Award –  presented by . A newer follower of mine and she has a beautiful blog about God, food, family, experiences. Always something new to try/a good tip to share!

3. Nomination for WordPress Family Blogger Award presented by Deborah over at – Wow! What a great blog she has, all about her amazing weight loss journey and a dialogue between her and her counselor – God. Super inspiring! Check it out!

Thank you ladies! I will do this justice in the future by following the rules that come with the awards, but in the meantime I want you to know I really appreciate it!

As you know I have been working on doing something different each day for a beauty/trend challenge. So far I tried a natural makeup look, a middle part, blue nail polish and now I am trying flash tattoos. These were big last year but maybe now just hitting the public off the runway. You may have seen these before. They are little tattoos that look like jewelry that adults wear. Rings, bracelets, arm bands etc. I am also going to try wearing a headband this weekend. I attempted this before and was successful but now I have the wider, patterned headband that I want to wear soooo bad. I am working on feeling more comfortable with it on and hope I can debut it this weekend. 🙂

What sparked this challenge was…well…maybe a smidgen of jealousy. My man got a new ‘do and I am feeling left out. Like here’s my super handsome husband and his new haircut and here’s me, I just look the same. 🙂 Haha. So I am also looking to CHANGE MY HAIR. It’s been the same for too long and I am thinking of getting some lighter highlights towards my face and higher up. God willing I am going to be gone out of the country in June most the time anyways so if it doesn’t turn out, not too many people will know. 😉

Speaking of that we are still trying to raise money for our El Salvador Missions Trip. I am running a half marathon on May 30th….(yay 🙂 – trying to be positive). I am hoping I can get a few donors to donate just $13. $1 per mile that I run. I have never ran/walked that far…EVER. Should be an experience to say the least! If you want to donate you can go here to: www.gofundme\

I will post the results of the flash tattoos and headband this weekend….hope you guys have a great one!

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One Response to Awards & Challenges

  1. Tabatha Rice says:

    This is so awesome! Way to go!


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