Blue Wednesday.

If you just stumbled upon lashes-to-lunges, let me tell you what goes on here. Each week I do a different “challenge” to get out of my comfort zone. This week I am working on new  beauty looks/trends.

Today I painted my nails. Blue. This is supppperrrr weird from me (just ask my friend & co-worker who is a nail tech; Angela). I always wear red, pink or a DARK purple. I just feel like some colors were meant to be on my fingers while others were not. I am not a real traditional gal (as you can tell by my yellow diamond) but blue polish seemed a little out there for even me. I like the color blue, in my house, clothing, etc. But on my fingers I feel like it looks weird.

But anywho I tried it and here’s the pic to prove it. I added a lil glitter on one nail. And yes I am going to wear it til it wears off.. I don’t hate it. It was the FIRST thing Johnny noticed when I saw him tonight and he liked it. Maybe it was time to change it up.

photo (71)At first glance I feel a lil childish with the blue. Because I was obsessed with blue for awhile in my younger years. In my parents house my room was periwinkle blue, which later turned to a dark red in high school. But ya know what? I am in my 20’s and I am going to embrace that. In today’s age there is a whole lot of talk about just that…age. How old is too old for this or that? Or better yet, how young is too young for this or that? Shoot there are runway models that are 12-14 years old. And people wonder why society feels that its unrealistic to be as thin as a runway model. It is unrealistic! I was a twig when I was 12. I DON’T want to look like that again.

I still shop in the junior section at times and am in my 20’s. (Gasp! Oh my gosh! She does what?! ) There are some very cute, appropriate things in the juniors, but then there are also things I definitely skip over and leave to the tweens. I like to think I am fashionable, trendy, tad edgy, and classy. I’ll wear ripped jeans and pair it with a cute dressy blazer. I’ll wear a classy crop top with just a hint of skin showing through with a longer high-waisted skirt. And now, I wear blue polish. My mama is exactly the type of trendy lady I want to be. Always age appropriate but super stylish. She’s gorgeous and her wardrobe is as well. I love that I had a mom to look up to that also set the example. I don’t want to ever wear things I wouldn’t want to see my daughter in. I think that’s a great rule of thumb to follow. I don’t have a daughter yet, but when I do, I want her to be herself and if that means blue polish, I’ll now be able to say – been there, done that. 🙂

What’s your go-to nail color? Or your favorite summer trend?

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2 Responses to Blue Wednesday.

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    loooovely colour! love your blog, would be fab if you could check my latest blog post out. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Twyla says:

    Love the blue! Fun and spunky just like you!

    Liked by 1 person

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