Getting out of the Beauty Rut.

This morning started off absolutely fantastic. And by fantastic I mean rough. I had decided last night that I would do a different look/trend each day for my challenge this week. I have been in a bit of a beauty rut lately and need to get out! (note to self: when doing a completely different makeup routine allow extra time even if its a “natural look”)

photo 1I got up and began my usual, shower, (to be interrupted by a banging on the door and frantic doorbell ringing) so I jump out sopping wet to find Johnny stopping by after picking up the material for a job, to just get his phone charger. Why he didn’t take the keys out and use them? I do not know. So I get back in, finish up, towel off and begin my makeup. I was attempting a more natural look, cc cream, bronzer, minimal eye makeup, no top liner, just mascara, neutral lip, etc. It felt like it took me a decade. I switch to my hair which I decided to part in the middle to change things up. (2nd note to self: if your hairstylist does a side part on your face shape, she does it for a reason, stick to it)

As I am hurriedly packing my lunch and shaking up my morning protein shake, I realize I have no idea where my keys are. I begin frantically running around. Needing to leave in a couple minutes, I think, “okay there is the house key on the table that I took off after work when I went for a run lastnight, but where are the rest of the keys… was I wearing a jacket? No. Did I leave in my car? No…” I call Johnny in a state of panic and he gives as much help as he can without being there. I hang up and call my work to tell them what’s going on. She assures me its no problem and my first appointment isn’t for a while. Finally I find them. In the couch. I always lay them on the side arm of the couch and they fall down in there. Johnny always uses the hook by the door labeled “Keys” for his. I should maybe start. Anyways not sure how I didn’t see them the first 2 times I tore the couch apart. (3rd note to self: clean up the tornado of a house you now have when you get home)

photo 2I finally am heading out the door 15 minutes later than I planned. I snap what felt like a hundred selfies of my makeup only to find I dislike this look. #middlepartgonewrong #ilooklikeahippie #appearsijustrolledoutofbed #disappointed But I suck it up and get through traffic to the parking garage where I take a deep breath. I remind myself, if this is all that went wrong this morning then I have a pretty fabulous life. Walking into work I open the door for a few people who all said “thank you,” which always makes a day go better. I look at my schedule and only have a few facials so I shall use my downtime wisely and get in some miles on the treadmill in the personal training room since I have a half coming up. I send Johnny a text and delete 99 selfies off my phone. It’s going to be a good day.

I will be posting this week about the continued challenges of new looks/trends. Hoping the next few days will help me get out of my rut and I will find something I can stick to!

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3 Responses to Getting out of the Beauty Rut.

  1. Twyla says:

    FUNNY!!!! I’m glad you weren’t living at home this morning! LOL! Glad your day ended up great!

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  2. Bea Inscore says:

    Love this one. Thank you for today’s smiles. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Randy says:

    This one caught my funny bone too! Hope rest of your day goes great. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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