Mission Trip to El Salvador

As most of you know, Johnny and I got married on April 25th. Instead of a traditional honeymoon to Cancun or the Bahamas we decided to do something a little different… a missions trip. We have never been and have always wanted to. Its June 8th in El Salvador.

photo (69)There are 47 people from our church that are going. Each year we would hear the stories of the 10-25 people who went and it was so exciting. You can tell that not only did they help make a change and a difference to those in El Salvador but they too came back with a fire. A fire for God like I have never seen. We always said we would go someday and when we got engaged (5 short months ago) we began talking about honeymoons and somehow we just agreed it would be the mission trip. We never discussed it, never talked in detail. We just knew.

We are soooo excited to go. Johnny is on the construction team and will be building a protective wall that they have been working on for several years and I will be on the street team. Doing ministry with natives, dances, skits, spending time loving on kids. There is also a medical team and we have the chance to possibly bounce between teams if time allows. It is a 11 day trip. We will be gone from the little guy that whole time, as well as taking time off work that is unpaid. The cost to go was substantial as well as added costs of passports, needed gear/clothing etc.

I don’t like asking for help. It is something I struggle with but I know that if we want to go we need to raise more funds. We have quite aways to go and feel this really is what God wants us to do. That unspoken agreement was definitely God speaking to us. To raise money I have started a gofundme site. Here you can make a donation in any amount. Every penny counts and anything is appreciated. We were blessed with a money shower back in March for help towards the trip by some amazing friends which you can read about here. If you have already donated (first of all a BIG THANK YOU) or don’t have the funds, you too can still help. We will need prayers, we already need them now. Prayers to let us not be worried about all we are leaving behind, to know that God is in control, prayers for safety, health. Prayers for for us to open and ready to receive what God has planned for us there, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. To make an impact in El Salvador, that lives be saved. That people will welcome us and there will be no trouble. Prayers that God will work through us and we will be able to fulfill the duty he has laid before us.

Because I feel like asking for donations for this awesome trip is still a little weird for me, I have decided to do a few things. If you donate (in any amount), you will receive a personal note and photo from our trip. Also, to show everyone how bad we want to go, I am running a half marathon. Crazy, I know. I am doing this strictly to raise money on this gofundme site. I have never ran a half, I have never even ran more than 2 miles without stopping. My goal is to just finish it. That’s it. It will be tough, I have not trained at all. But those 13.1 miles are dedicated to this cause and I hope you will see our hearts! My race is on May 30th in Columbia, MO and I will be posting about it here as well!

To donate just click the link below, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Conde Mission Trip

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