Mother’s Day & Double Challenge Week!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you special moms, moms-to-be, grandmoms, step-moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, future moms! I hope you ladies had a great day!photo 2 (12)

I had a wonderful time with my mom this Mother’s Day. After church we headed out to my parents and made lunch, ate together, and gave her the gift we put together this year. The three of us (my two older brothers and I) each made my mom a video. I put together some questions (How would you describe mom to someone who’s photo (68)never met her? What is something you learned from mom? etc) and we held it up on a note card on the video then answered it. It was really awesome. My mom loved it.

Because of Mother’s Day I decided to post a few throwback photos. photo 3 (4)If you personally know my mom then you will know she is absolutely stunning today (can’t wait to get the photos back from the wedding!) I am so blessed to have her. She is by far the best mother that anyone could ask for. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out. She has been and continues to be, the best example to all of us, not just us kids but anyone she meets. She has a heart of gold and it reflects in everything she does. She has helped me be the woman I am today and I can only hope to someday be just like her! I love you mama!

Summer is coming! I cannot wait to drive with the windows down, the radio up and the wind blowing my hair all over the place. I loooooveee summer. I know a lot of people hate the heat, but I embrace it. Its my favorite season, people are in better moods, the sun is shining, there is so much to do and the clothes in summer are always more fun! It is also going to be swimsuit season soon! Are you ready? I am looking forward to it but definitely need to get back on track with my healthy eating and exercise. So tomorrow I am doing a sort of cleanse. Am I going to be hungry all day? No. Am I only going to be drinking liquids? No way. Is it going to take discipline? Definitely. I have done some research and find that a cleanse (or an eating extremely healthy day) can be beneficial to your body. But more importantly to me…my mind. I feel like it can help kick-start me into mentally preparing myself for better eating and get me on the road to success. If you are looking for something to add to your diet to help you revamp your eating, try Super Green Aloe Shots by BodyKey. They prepare your body for a new way of eating and help you feel revitalized in a natural way. You just take two shots – one in the morning and one at night – for the first two days of your healthy eating diet. If you want to order these or have more questions –  message or email me!aloe shot

Another thing I am doing for my challenge this week is trying a Thai Massage. My good friend Suzy, opened her own massage therapy business recently and I can’t wait to get into see her. When we used to work together (gosh I miss her!) I got several swedish massages by her and they were incredible. Suzy is very talented and has an amazing touch. She is definitely the type to always be expanding her massage knowledge and making sure she has top of the line technique. She is in training to do Thai massage and I offered to be her guinea pig. I imagine it will be quite a bit different from swedish but I am excited!

I hope you all had a great weekend, looking forward to an awesome week!

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  1. Bea Inscore says:

    Beautiful blog. So proud of you.

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