Married and Looking…for a Challenge!

photo (66)If you are just tuning in to lashes-to-lunges you can see what this blog is all about on my first post here, but basically I try to do a different challenge each week to get out of my comfort zone in hopes to grow and change. If you are a current follower of this blog, you know I haven’t done a challenge in a couple of weeks because last night should pretty much count for being out of my comfort zone in a big/good way. I got married. 🙂 A lot of people want to know if I am going to post about my wedding… I ‘m not. (because that would take days to put into words all my thank-yous, I love yous, all the moments I enjoyed..)

But I will tell you it was the most special, beautiful, and absolutely fun day of our lives. (seriously I think we had way more fun than most people do) My heart is so full of joy, I am emotionally exhausted, and my feet hurt from dancing every single song.  I am so stinkin’ happy and blessed to officially be Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Conde. I don’t have any social media nor do I have any pics yet from the photographer but I will share a few of my faves from the car ride over to the reception that are hilarious, scary, not flattering  priceless. 🙂

photo (67)

So…what’s new for this week? What challenge can I do next? I need ideas people! Help! I have done a lot of things….hot yoga, barre class, belly dancing, kickboxing, trying new foods, clothes, etc…but I am running out of ideas. Does anyone know a good aquatic class, somewhere I could volunteer, an event going on in the area? Let me know if you have any thoughts! Thank you and love you all!

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8 Responses to Married and Looking…for a Challenge!

  1. Tabatha Rice says:

    Congrats to you guys! You looked amazing (as always) and the wedding was beautiful! I love how real you are and I think that’s a challenge for people every day! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you… on the blog and in life! God has so many more blessings in store for you all! Love you!

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  2. Congrats, lady! You guys look fantastic, and like you’re having the time of your lives. 🙂

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  3. thesouthernbelle says:

    I love everything about your blog! That’s why I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger award!!!

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  4. beeanni35 says:

    That’s so exciting! Congratulations to you both! And God bless! 🙂


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