Out With the Old, In With the New.

At lashes-to-lunges I try to challenge myself once a week to get out of my comfort zone. This week I cleaned out my clothes and let go of a lot of things I was holding onto. And I wore an item everyday that I wasn’t real sure of.

photo 1 (10)Cleaning out my closet was tough. I try to do it every 6 months or so. Fill a trash bag or two with things I never wear, have never worn, or that just have seen better days.  At times I dig back through the trash bag and pull out that top or pair of jeans because I realize its “too cute” to let go of. I second guess my decisions. I look through my dresser drawers and closet hangers and leave things in there that I know I should get rid of. Really they are just collecting dust, taking up space.

Do you ever have a hard time letting things go? Whether that is an article of clothing or something much more serious? A fight with a friend, a past relationship, a regret, a time of hurt? I feel that one of my best qualities is mercy. Not to be confused with weakness. It’s not an easy thing to be compassionate towards those who may have wronged me but its a gift God has gave me and I choose to embrace it. I naturally have a forgiving heart and try to see the best in people. However, I can still get hung up on things. A conversation that bothered me, an unfortunate event, a confrontation. It’s easy to replay something over and over until it consumes your mind. I have talked about and dwelled on things with my closest friends to the point of them probably getting sick of hearing about it, yet their too kind to tell me to shut my trap.

Hanging onto the past can be dangerous. I love the rear view mirror/windshield analogy. It’s okay to remember the past like in the small rear view mirror of a car, but the front windshield is bigger for a reason. It’s where you’re headed. Look ahead. Let go of the past. When we forgive someone or give something over to God, it’s a good feeling. It may be easy to continue to beat yourself up about a regret or to feel too prideful to forgive someone who you feel is undeserving. Its hard to hand over control, just like its hard for me to give away things I think I’ll wear someday. But after you do a weight is lifted, a door is opened and it feels good to move on.

You can focus on new things, new adventures, new relationships. I forced myself daily to wear something I normally don’t and it felt good. Sure I wanted to revert back to my faves in my closet, but every item I wore, I got a compliment. (started thinking, man do I really need to change it up or what?! haha) A blouse to work (in the photo above) a dress and blazer to a meeting, a pair of colorful flats and so on. It was uncomfortable just like anything new is, but it was rewarding. I expanded my horizons and really it wasn’t so bad.

With Easter so close, it got me thinking about how Jesus felt giving his life up for us so that we could have a future. It makes my closet scenario look like a joke. Tonight we went to our church’s Good Friday service. They showed a video that got me choked up at the end. I am still searching for it.

It’s easy to think of the Easter story as just that, a story. Something we talk about once a year, tell our kids about, something that seems so distant in time that it’s not present in our lives. But man, when you really think about it, it’s the most amazing, humble, miraculous thing. He was betrayed and still showed love, was accused and arrested but didn’t deny, he was beaten and tortured and didn’t resist, he was spit on, mocked at, nailed to the cross. In his last hours he even asked God to forgive those who persecuted him. He gave up his life so that we could have eternal life. How blessed are we?! But it doesn’t stop there. Our Savior overcame death. If you are dealing with a past hurt, something difficult, I encourage you to give it over to Him. He overcame death, surely he can help you overcome your situation.

Wednesday night the three of us were reading out of the bible, coloring and drawing in the little man’s room. Drayden decided to make his teacher an Easter book. It was the most precious thing, I almost cried when I read it. He wrote the words, ‘Do you know what Easter is about? It’s all about Jesus,’ and continued to tell her about Christ’s death and resurrection. Proud, full of faith, not afraid to share. I hope I too, can be a light like that of a child. It’s a beautiful thing.

This weekend I hope you can reflect on your past, talk to God about your hurt, your pain, and know that in him there is a future, hope, and a new beginning.

Love you all and Happy Easter!

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4 Responses to Out With the Old, In With the New.

  1. beeanni35 says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

    I like your mirror/windshield analogy. It’s okay to look back as long as we remember that we’re moving forward.

    Blessings! Hope you have a great Easter!


  2. Ford says:

    do you have an Instagram??


  3. Susan says:

    Enjoyed reading your post. I’ve been working on decluttering too, starting with my clothes. You might like to pop over and see my posts on the whole simplifying project 🙂

    Drayden has a big heart. I often remember the saying, ‘a little child shall lead them’. Sometimes it’s our own children who do so.

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