Spring Cleaning.

I don’t know about you but there is a pretty regular conversation that goes on in my house. I say, “I have nothing to wear.” Which is replied with  “Chelsey, you have a ton of clothes. There is probably 30 things in there you haven’t ever even worn.” And so on.

I love style. Not so much fashion, but style. Fashion is kind of what everyone else is doing or what is “hot” right now. To me, style is what is “hot” to you. Everyone usually loves their own style. Because its yours. Because you decided it, you like it, you chose it. It’s not too often a girl purchases something that she hates. I love my style. Its a lot of different things. I like to have different looks. Somedays its really simple and classic. Other days its edgy. Often trendy. I am not afraid of what people think of my style and that is probably the best part of it.

However, though we buy things that we like at the time, I bet that nearly every girl reading this has purchased something that she never ended up wearing. I have a fur vest, a dress, a blazer, a pair of flats etc in my closet right now, that I know still have the tags on it. Yet we hold on to it. Because why? Because “someday I might need it.” Because “it’s too cute to giveaway.” Because the moment you drop it off at Goodwill you realize it would’ve went perfectly with “those pants.”

photo (55)Last night I cleaned out my closet. I filled a couple trash bag. I then took a couple things back out of the trashbag, ya know, “just in case.” I knew the next thing I was going to do would be scary. I asked Johnny for help. I decided if I was going to hold onto stuff than it better be getting used. So I said, ” Pick out some clothes you have never seen me wear and I will wear them this week.” The first thing he pulled out of my closet, was a trendy blouse and I smiled. He realized I liked it and would wear it easily. So he put it back and pulled out something else. My response was “No way. I am not wearing that.” An ombre blue and yellow button up. He said, “Then shouldn’t it go in the trash bag?” Men. Sometimes they dont get it… but I guess in this moment he did have a point. I added it to the pile.

He continued to pull things out that made me wince at the thought of wearing it or trying to figure out how to wear it. But a challenge is a challenge and this is mine for the week. Johnny is not dressing me, because believe me, though he has great taste, I like to dress myself. But I enlisted his help in picking out at least one item a day that I have never worn or something that I don’t want to wear. Otherwise I’m afraid I wouldn’t really venture out.

I encourage you to clean out your closet this week, wear something out of the norm, something that you don’t know why you  just can’t let it go.  Maybe let your husband pick something out…ooooh or let your kids! 🙂 Haha, this could be a good time!

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