Humility & Blessings.

Lucky. Fortunate. Humbled. Blessed. Yes, those are the words I am looking for and exactly how I am feeling in this moment. We just got home from an amazing concert that we barely got into (will talk about that in a few) and Johnny keeps interrupting my thoughts by commenting on what he is reading out of “Wild at Heart,” by John Eldredge. Girls, you want your man to read this book. Trust me.

photo (50)So… lets start with Tuesday. Tuesday night we had our life group as we do twice a month. We brought dessert and when we pulled in, I realized the 40 cupcakes were not going to be enough. The house was full of people smiling, faces I hadn’t seen in awhile, kids darting through the house. A few minutes later I found out it was a surprise shower for Johnny and I, not our usual dinner/discussion. Wow. What?! That caught me off guard and I was extremely humbled. Really? Wait, for us? I was almost speechless. The tears came of course, because ya know, I can’t be happy without a few tears. 🙂

After we chatted with people who made a special effort to come, hugged, laughed, caught up, ate some delicious food, we all headed into the living room to open our gifts. If I wasn’t crying before, I was now. Ginger; my beautiful friend said that instead of buying gifts, they decided to bless us with money for our honeymoon, which is a mission trip to El Salvador.  Our first ever mission trip. The trip was something that Johnny and I just silently agreed upon. I can’t recall the conversation, nor the moment we told anyone. We just knew that was what we were supposed to do.

So we began to open our cards as everyone watched. One after another they came. I was so humbled. Some of these people I barely know. Some of these people are going on the trip too and have to pay for their own costs. Some I have only had a conversation with once or twice. Yet, here they were pouring their love into us. Happy for us, supporting us. Scott; Ginger’s husband, then had us sit in the middle of the room and gathered everyone around us. They prayed over us for several minutes. Asking for blessing over our marriage, favor on our trip, speaking light into our lives. At this point I needed a tissue box of tissues, which someone slid my way. I cannot describe what an unbelievable experience this was. It is so amazing to me that people like this exist! They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. We are sooooo blessed to know these loving, caring, passionate, selfless people and to be able to call them our friends. This was a night we will never forget and will always be grateful for.

Tonight was supposed to be my challenge of attending my first ever Christian Music Concert. We had a dance lesson at 7. Johnny forgot the punch card that our instructor, Cory told us was “a must” in our first lesson. He flew back home to get it as Cory finished up with another student. I felt like an idiot wasting Cory’s time. We didn’t get started til 7:15. Normally it’d be too late but Cory said it was very rare that he didn’t have someone right after us, so it wasn’t a big deal that we were getting started so late. We got to know Cory a little more in this lesson. He is hilarious. Talented and witty. He opened up a little about who he was when he found dance and how it has changed him in such an unexpected way. It was really nice to hear his story. Once again a humbling experience. He didn’t have to share with us (or even allow us to do the lesson being we were so late) but he did and Johnny and I really loved the conversations we had with him tonight. People are just so awesome!

The concert was to start at 7. It was now 7:45 and Johnny informed me that some of our friends who tried to go, said it was sold out when they got there at 7. I told him I didn’t care. Drive there. We did and I had him drop me off in the front while he waited in the car for the verdict. I ran to the door to be met by two security guards. I asked them if the concert was sold out and they said yes it was, but being it was halfway over anyways, they would make an exception for us. We ran inside and found the only open spot. The music was of course awesome, the band was hilarious and very personable.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts. And never have I seen people pray at them. Between a set of songs, he had us close our eyes and if we wanted to come forward to pray with them we could, or stay at our seats. Then it happened. I look over and there he is. My boyfriend fiance. (Still feels weird to call him that.) His eyes closed, hand holding mine, lips moving to a prayer of his own. I started to cry (what’s wrong with me these days!?) a little. I’ve watched him pray a hundred times. But instantly..Humbled. Blessed. It hit me. What kind of guy goes to a dance class willingly, drops off his girl at the door to see if we can make it in to the concert that we were told was sold out, and then is praying right beside her, holding her hand? My guy. That’s who.

I rarely write about our upcoming wedding or our relationship, because sometimes the lovey dovey stuff is a little much, even for me. But I realized tonight just how blessed I am to be marrying this man. It’s easy when you are with someone 24/7 and know them like the back of your hand to see their shortcomings. Here I was looking at him, tears falling down my cheeks, because I realized just how blessed I am. That its quite possible I may sometimes be a little hard on him. I’d say I am pretty lucky fortunate blessed to have him.We aren’t perfect that’s for sure but we are in love, love our God, and each other unconditionally. Not just when things are great, but even when he forgets the punch card to class, makes us late, when we almost don’t get into the concert that was my challenge for the week.

I am feeling so humbled tonight. Undeserving, unworthy but so blessed. Isn’t that what a blessing is? Something unexpected, undeserved? I am on a high. A love high. A people high. So grateful for all these moments in my life. James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” This couldn’t be more true.

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5 Responses to Humility & Blessings.

  1. Randy says:

    Great post little girl. Made tears come to my eyes. You are truly amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonder*Woman says:

    Awwww !!! You are blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tabatha Rice says:

    You make me want to cry! 😉 I love you guys and cannot wait for your wedding! You are a shining example of God’s love!

    Liked by 1 person

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