New Challenge!

Had a lovely little weekend indoors. We made some delicious meals, had lots of snuggle time on the couch, used our time wisely to start on taxes (eww) and got done other various tasks I had been putting off. But now, I am ready to get out of the house. I don’t know how people can live so far away from a bigger population. If you do, more power to you. The small town thing is just not for me. I would like to live in the country someday but just on the outskirts of Columbia. I love this city.  I grew up in the country but about the perfect distance to have privacy and land and animals, but not far from stores, restaurants, things to do.  I like to be out. I like to see people. To do things. So the snow vacay was great but I am ready to get in my car and drive somewhere!

I also stayed on schedule with my workouts even though I was stuck in the house and I must say I am feeling great! Check out the fitness page for a new post about working out.

I looked at the calendar and put down about 10 new things on it for the month. Yikes. Where does the time go? Feel like we have something going on every single night this month and I am pretty sure that’s a true statement, but that’s okay, because I like to be out and see people right?! 🙂

One of those new things on the calendar is a new challenge. A concert. This Thursday night; Sidewalk Prophets. I actually didn’t know who Sidewalk Prophets was but I youtubed them and found I know a ton of their songs and they are a great group! I just didn’t know their name. We have a dance class at 7 and will miss about 30 min of it but we plan to go after that! The concert is from 7-9pm at Grace Bible Church in Columbia. $10 per person. I have been to many concerts in my 20 some years. Hip hop, country, rock, you name it. But I have never been to a Christian music concert. I have a feeling the atmosphere is going to be a tad different from what I have experienced before. And I can’t wait! Feel free to join me but I suggest arriving on time, you don’t want to miss these guys!

Here’s one of my faves and just so happens to be kind of my anthem for this blog:

Live Like That

Sometimes I think
What will people say of me
When I’m only just a memory
When I’m home where my soul belongs

Was I love
When no one else would show up
Was I Jesus to the least of us
Was my worship more than just a song

I wanna live like that
And give it all I have
So that everything You say and do
Points to You
If love is who I am
Then this is where I’ll stand
Recklessly abandoned
Never holding back
I wanna live like that

Am I proof
That You are who You say you are
That grace can really change your heart
Do I live like Your love is true

People pass
And even if they don’t know my name
Is there evidence that I’ve been changed
When they see me do they see You


I wanna show the world the love He gave for me
I’m longing for the world to know
The glory of the King


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