Everyone Needs Love.

Wow, this challenge was hard but so rewarding! This week I was supposed to focus my energy towards showing love in my actions, words, etc. Doing random acts of kindness in the name of love. Showing Christ’s love through my words. I learned a lot to say the least.

heartFirst of all this was hard because I realized how super selfish I can be. I like to think I am a caring, loving, selfless person, but….I definitely fall short. The random acts I was to do could be anything from not interrupting someone (holy cow, I do that a lot I noticed, so sorry!) to leaving a nice tip, smiling at someone, etc. I noticed how selfish I was while driving, I wasn’t really worried about any cars needing in, just about where I was heading. I woke up frustrated one morning when I hadn’t parked my car in the garage and I found snow all over it to my surprise. I was not “feeling” like putting my energy and time into others. I missed a call, I didn’t want to call it back because “I was busy.” My goodness, was this a wake up call! I literally had to be completely conscious of the fact that I need to put effort into showing love or it wasn’t going to happen. It was just me, me, me.

So, with all that selfishness aside, I am going to just share a few things that I did for this challenge. Nothing big or to be like “hey look at how nice I am!” but to just let you in on what I learned.

Monday night, Johnny hosted his first ever Men’s Life Group with another friend of his at our house. So I had to figure out what to do for about 2 1/2 hours while the guys were there. I went to kickboxing alone, which was fantastic. I still needed to kill about an hour and was thinking I would just run a few errands I had been putting off. But then a new friend of mine invited me over and I was feeling the pull of – I kind of need to get this stuff done – or – I should really make time for her. I grabbed us a couple of chocolate shakes (great post-workout lol) and headed over to her house. We visited, bonded, shared. It was really great. I left feeling so happy that I made time for her.

At the spa I was feeling very aware of opportunity. I was trying to keep my mood upbeat and really listen to my clients and pour love into them. I felt like I connected with so many people on a deeper level this week. Not because I gave the service any differently or talked anymore but because I was very aware of how I was responding. You would be amazed at what kind of life advice people ask their facialist. And what an opportunity I have to really impact someone in a positive way in that 30-60 minutes I have with them. And on Wednesday I got to share Jesus with a client! A new client of mine that’s a foreign-exchange student asked about Valentine’s which led to asking me what Easter was. I shared, she listened, she shared her beliefs, I listened. I invited her to church, she was thrilled, we exchanged numbers and a hug. 🙂 I think I was on cloud nine for  just about the rest of the day.

Friday I was standing in line at the pharmacy. They were extremely busy and extremely behind. Instead of saying this to the lady in front of me like “How long have you been standing here? Geez this is ridiculous,” I talked to her about her life. She had asked me if I knew anything about how to set up a Gerbes account online so I helped her with that and then we got to talking about her kids and grandchildren and she was just such a pleasant person. The 10 minutes I got with her left me with a smile on my face, knowing that I showed interest and she was definitely more than happy to share with me.

Saturday I sent a text to a few ladies that have been on my mind lately. One in particular is my friend Shalyn. You know those people that you can just do anything in front of, say anything, be completely real and they totally “get you?” That’s Shay. We met in Esthetics School 8 years ago. We became close friends very quickly, within a few days.  She means an awful lot to me and we only see each other every 3 months or so. But we talk pretty regularly. I have this thing about songs and poems with her. We love lyrics and she is one of the few people besides my cousin; Kylee and my brother; Reese, that “gets it” when I send a lyric text. With Shay though I write poems too, hilarious and serious. She has a pretty funny one up in her house from a past birthday. I think it possibly creeps her husband out a little. I sent Shay a great, funny, loving Valentine’s poem and she sent the sweetest text back.

How we take people for granted! Never bothering to tell the people that we are close with how much they mean. To really let them know that you appreciate them, cherish them, and value them. At dinner tonight, Johnny and I were talking about how its easy to forget that everyone is a person. And I don’t mean a human. I mean a person God created in His image. The guy at subway making your sandwich is a person. The cashier at walmart is a person. The homeless guy on the street is a person. Your parents are people. Oh my gosh, do you know how long that took me to realize!? I think like 22 years. 22 years to realize these amazing people aren’t just my mom and dad but they are people too! With feelings and thoughts and dreams and fears. Gosh I love them! The older I get the more I realize how brilliant and beautiful my parents are. Not too mention how smart and ‘right’ they were. I am soooooo stinkin’ thankful that I was blessed with them as my role models and leaders. I know everyone thinks their parents “are the best,” but really, mine are!

This challenge has woken me up. It wasn’t about complimenting someone, picking up trash when you see it, leaving a fat tip for the waitress, paying for the guy behind you at McDonald’s. Sure those are all great and can totally make someone’s day, but everyone is a person. They have feelings, needs, desires, fears, dreams. Everyone needs to be loved. You never know what a difference you could make in, not only someone’s day, but someone’s life if you just treat them with love. Everyone needs love. Not talking about romantic, flowers, candy, ooey-gooey kind of love. But real love. To know that someone cares, that someone hears them, that someone is there for them. Show some love this week! Pray for the awareness and conviction! Love you guys!

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5 Responses to Everyone Needs Love.

  1. Twyla says:

    Oh, my daughter, how proud you make me… your heart is so beautiful.


  2. Melissa says:

    Beautiful chels!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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