Procrastination – A Failure Disease.

If you are just finding lashes-to-lunges, you will see that I try to do a weekly challenge to get myself out of my comfort zone. From trying out a new workout class to meeting new people. This week however, I slipped up. I let the week fly by before I figured out my challenge. No excuses, it was plain ‘ol procrastination. It’s a major failure disease.

procrastinationThis is something I am working on. I think a lot of us start our day out with procrastination. Just getting out of bed. Putting it off to the last possible second. That’s plain lazy! Yet, how many of us do that everyday? Find ourselves rushing into work, forgetting the lunch we packed because we were in such hurry.

This morning I woke up early enough. No sleeping til the last moment. Got around, cleaned up the house. I was on door greeting duty at church and Johnny had to be there early for the Life group Launch. I look at the coffee table and there are those two El Salvador Mission Trip applications on the table. Not filled out. As Johnny is eating his breakfast I throw one his way and say, “These have to be turned into today.” So here we have had a month to fill them out and are waiting til literally the very last moment to do it.

Why is this so common? People have done this for years, from the time they were kids. You ask a child to clean their room, they eventually get it done but it seems like such a daunting task that it takes 3 times longer than it should have. Bedtime comes and all the sudden your 4 year old realizes how hungry they are, thirsty, they need to go the bathroom, anything else besides the task ahead. 🙂

Ask anyone who I went to school with. When I did do my homework; it was usually that morning in the class. I was a great test taker because I put off studying until the hour before and memorized everything, took the test, then forgot everything I was supposed to have “learned.”

There are many reasons people procrastinate. Because we are afraid.  We dread the task. We lack motivation. The bible even talks about procrastinating, which sometimes can be simply put as plain laziness.

Proverbs 13:4 “The slacker craves, yet has nothing, but the diligent is fully satisfied.”

This one really gets me…”How long will you stay in bed, you slacker? When will you get up from your sleep?” Proverbs 6:9

What are you procrastinating on? Getting in shape? Applying for that job position that you are a little afraid you aren’t “qualified” for? The simple duties of the household?

Here are a few ways I find it easier to beat procrastination:

Set a goal. If you don’t have one, its hard to accomplish it. Write it down, make a list. I talked about this in my New Year’s Eve post and the importance of knowing what you hope to achieve.

Figure out your peak performance time. Maybe it’s right after work while you are still in “the mode,” use that time to make that phone call, workout, fill out the application online. Figure out the time of day you feel that you are most energized and motivated to get “things done.”

Make the decision and do it. Commit to something and then follow through. Action cures fear! Take action and the task will get easier. How many times have you felt relieved after finally finishing something you initially put off?

I procrastinated last week on my challenge and I am sorry. I am working to do better. I am going to set a goal to post by tomorrow evening exactly what my challenge will be this week! Stay tuned and hold me accountable!

Each day, I am posting my workouts from my 10/4 Challenge on the Fitness Page. I hope you join me! It’s going to be a great 10 days!

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3 Responses to Procrastination – A Failure Disease.

  1. SaBiscuit says:

    I just love that cartoon, “I’ll prove you wrong, some day.” I know people like that. Twiddling my thumbs. Ha ha ha


  2. Linda says:

    You have described me – lol.


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