Girl’s Night Out.

Wow, this week is flying by! I was having a hard time coming up with something for this week to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. I was going to ride the public transportation on the City Bus but…. I found out I would have to take not one, but two buses to get to my work that is only a few miles away. I think I will save that for a day to just ride to the park or library!

So… my challenge this week is getting out there and meeting new people! As an esthetician, I meet new girls all the time. I greet them, chat a little, provide a service and they are on their way. However, I think that it can be hard to meet new people just in normal life.

I see this all the time at my work. People walking around with headphones on campus…yeah they may be listening to music but I have heard its a good excuse to wear while in the gym so no one talks to you. What?! Or people staring at their phones so they don’t have to acknowledge the person next to them on the bus. I have had a great connection so many times with someone at a workout class, even just being friendly at the grocery store. Yet, I always worry what they will think if I ask for their number? Even church can be somewhere that you may have a hard time “meeting people.”

We absolutely LOVE our church. The thing we love about it the most besides the awesome music, exciting atmosphere, great message.. is the PEOPLE. I will never forget the moment that I first felt someone reach out to Johnny and I.  We were attending a church picnic a few weeks after we starting going. Dray already loved the children’s class, and he was playing on the playground with his friends, while we were shyly visiting with the adults. Ginger, came strolling over to our blanket, said hello and  just reached out to us and invited us to a life group. We still attend that very life group and she is the Children’s Pastor now, and leads the class that the little man is in. Her husband has become a close friend of Johnny’s and Drayden loves their boys. We have went climbing with Scott, went on lots of walks with Ginger, shared many meals and lots of meaningful conversations (just last night!). She genuinely cares for us and is one of my go-to friends when I need an encouraging word. That simple gesture of introducing herself, taking an interest and offering a friendship was so impactful in our spiritual walk, as it helped us decide where we were going to grow with others in the church.

When was the last time you reached out to someone? For some reason it seems like guys make friends easier. Johnny can literally go golfing on a course alone and have 3 guys phone numbers by the time he leaves because he just asks if he can play through with them and they get to talking. Why is it that sometimes as women we hesitate to exchange numbers, invite someone to dinner, or even say hello outside of where we met? This is something I am working on. Taking the focus off myself, pouring into others and making meaningful relationships along the way.

Well folks, I have been invited to a Girls Night Out SEVERAL times. This Girls Night Out is through our church. They have a quick devotion at church then head out to dinner/movie/lazer tag, you name it. I have never went. I have no excuse. I don’t really know any of the people who go well. A lot, I don’t know at all. Johnny has suggested I go before but I never did.

This Friday night I am going. And any ladies in the area are welcome. We will meet at Christian Chapel on Providence and Nifong at 6:30 for a brief devotion. Then, we will head over to Babbo’s Spaghetteria. (1305 Grindstone Parkway #115, Columbia, Mo. 65201.) If you want to come tag along message me or text!

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  1. Wonder*Woman says:

    I hope you have fun !!!


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