How Do You Get Somewhere if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?

Stay on courseWhat a year! Last night while listening to some awesome people share at a late night meeting, I heard something really great. We should look at the year like driving a car. The windshield is big; bigger than the rearview. And for good reason. It’s important to see the future, where you are going and what’s coming at you. But the rearview is there for a reason too. Just like the past. We shouldn’t dwell on it but it’s still good to reflect, remember and appreciate where we have come from.

2014 had a lot in store for me.

1. I got more involved with my church. Attending life groups, serving and really seeking God more in my life as well.

2.I was blessed to become an aunt to another little girl; Audrey. That girl and I have really bonded over the past couple of weeks and I have never seen a baby that is so happy!

3. The boys and I made a trip to Minnesota to see Johnny’s dad for a second time (ever!) and they hosted a wonderful party/family reunion for us.

4.We took a trip to Disney World! The little man (and Johnny and I) had the time of his life before starting the 1st grade this year!

5. I started this blog and all the many challenges I have conquered with it. I have discovered things I didn’t know about myself, or things I didn’t know I liked. Yesterday I went to a hot yoga class alone, enjoyed it, loved it, laid in the room quietly for a moment after everyone else flew out of there as fast as they could. Just reflecting, appreciating, how far I have come and how much I have grown personally.

6. I ran a 5k with several members of my family.

7. I lost an uncle and my aunt lost the love of her life. …but Heaven was victorious in receiving another angel in the Kingdom! He’s no longer in pain,  he’s healed,  in a place of pure love, happiness, health, peace. Their love is so strong and they were an unstoppable couple while he was here on this Earth and now with him at the feet of Jesus and her still here; Satan better be scared. Because they are going to change lives, touch hearts, and bring even more people to paradise with them!

8. Johnny put a ring on it.

9. I have cried, laughed, and grown with my family more than I think I ever have. I have run races with them, shared tears with them, celebrations, many meals. I am very, very thankful for them and how blessed I am to have been born into such an awesome family.

10. I have become better friends with more people. Growing up, I had a ton of “best friends,” group of 13 of us. High school happened, then life and before you know it I had just a handful. Girls I trust, love, adore and would do anything for me. As I have gotten older, I have learned you don’t have to be super close like I am with my best friends to have a real friendship. Knowing I can text someone and ask for a prayer, or give a hug when I run into them at the store is enough and an act of a friend. I love people and especially my girls!

Tonight, I will be in Iowa, with friends that I love, people who have helped me grow, want me to succeed and truly have my best interest at heart. People who have never given up on me, who want to get more out of life than just going through the motions. But also, who want to GIVE more out of their lives to others. I am very excited and feeling extremely blessed to be friends with so many great people.

I have always been on the fence about New Year’s Resolutions.  I mean, if you have ever been to the gym in January you know how it goes. Its packed, people are excited, ready to get fit. Then after a few weeks it starts to fade. The regulars are at the gym and the people who were so ready to stick to their resolution are at home on the couch. Now, does that mean they were wrong for making the goal? Not at all. I sometimes would roll my eyes when people would say things like, “this year I am going to do this…or that…”  And mostly because I have been that person before who didn’t end up sticking with my goals either.

But without a goal, how will one accomplish it? If you don’t set a goal to be at work at 8 by going to bed, maybe setting an alarm, etc there is a good chance you won’t have a job if you don’t make that a “goal” to show up. Or’s pretty unlikely that a professional football player just steps onto the field, never having it in mind to play in the NFL. Somewhere along the line it became a goal. Most successful people have goals. And even if you don’t reach them entirely, it’s still good to set them. It’s hard to get to somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Just like in the car, you got to be looking out the front windshield if you want to get where you are planning to and see where you are heading. I encourage each of you to think of 5 things you want to improve on in 2015.

Mine are as follows:

1. Grow my people skills. My interactions with others and conversations.

2. Stretch myself further out of my box this year. Doing things that are more uncomfortable than the challenges in my past few months.

3. Become more confident. 

4. Allow God to fight my battles for me. Knowing I should be on the offense more and let him do my defending. 

5. Focus less on myself, and more on others. 

Oh and maybe eat a little better and workout a little harder too. 🙂 That’s like always on my list.

I am so blessed and hope that you are as well this year! I am going to continue my weekly challenges. It was a goal to do them every week from October 1 til today. Some weeks it didn’t get done but look at what I was still able to accomplish! (see, told you that setting goals even if not reached in entirety is still good!) Thank you to all of you who read this, comment, attend events, follow and support my journey! I love sharing it with you! Happy New Year!

Completed Challenges in 2014…

Hot yoga, Kickboxing, Wearing Something Out of My Norm, Trying Sushi, Clean(ish) Eating, Belly Dancing, 5K With the Fam, Going to Movies Alone, No Electronics for 24 Hours, Aerial Yoga, Waking Up Before the Sun, Eating Out at Restaurant Alone….more to come in 2015!

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2 Responses to How Do You Get Somewhere if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?

  1. Tabatha Rice says:

    #7: perfectly said! #8 is pretty great! 😉 In the next list, #4… I aspire to do better at this myself. Love you, Chels! I look forward to reading more in 2015! And, another family run is definitely a must! 🙂


  2. Randy says:

    Another great blog Little Girl! The way you write simply amazes me. Very wise young lady and very proud of you!


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