New Challenge Tuesday Night & Holiday Survival Fitness Kits Available!

This week for my challenge I am heading to HyVee on Conley Rd to take advantage of one of their classes. HyVee offers weekly classes with a dietitian for free or at a small cost. I have never attended and find it pretty awesome that these classes are offered with someone so knowledgeable about nutritional eating.

This week is the Healthy Holiday Cookie Exchange for $5. This class is for those who love baking and there will be healthier holiday treats to sample as well.  The dietitian will also be giving out a recipe box full of her favorite recipes from Eating Well to participants.

I am not really sure what to expect, but that is part of the journey. This class is from 6-7pm this Tuesday if you would like to join me! To register go to their site here.

Also….photo (42)

Holiday Survival Fitness Kits are available to order now! I have had so many questions about what kind of plan or what new diet my friend tried that I posted about last week. If you missed it; my friend Jessica committed to 7 days of changing her eating habits, doing a 15-45 minute daily workout and taking plant based supplements, eating delicious healthy snack bars and tasty energy drinks that gave her an extra boost without the jitters. After the 7 days Jessica lost a total of 9lbs and 3 inches! She never had to replace a meal with a bar, run miles, never had to feel hungry or count calories.

Jessica kick-started a new lifestyle for herself. Something that’s doable, that she can stick with. This is a kit that is designed to help you make better choices throughout the holiday season and stay on track to accomplish your fitness goals.

Here is a quick preview of what the kit includes:

Cost of Kit: Regularly $133, NOW until Thursday $20 off – Just $$113!

2 packs of  3 Slimmetry supplements packets (each holding 10 supplements) = 60 tablets

2 packs of 3 Carb Blocker 2 supplements packets (each holding 10 supplements) = 60 tablets

1 variety case of xs energy drinks 

1 box of 9 energy/protein bars 

1 box of 12 snack bars

Healthy Meal Ideas & Recipes

7 Holiday-Themed Workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home

And more detailed information..

Slimmetry – This amazing supplement by Nutrilite contains four all-natural extracts that have been traditionally used in cultures around the world for their natural properties:

  • Green Tea contains EGCG, which is used in a variety of natural weight-loss products. It is believed to support a healthy metabolism.
  • Yerba Mate is used to promote a feeling of satiety.
  • Birch Leaf has been used to make a tea, while birch sap is believed to have tonic qualities in Belarus, Russia, the Baltic States, Finland, and parts of northern China.
  • Coleus Forskohlii is effective at aiding fat loss.

Carb Blocker 2– Nutrilite’s Carb Blocker 2 is unique as the first supplement to contain fermented soy and white kidney bean extracts that block the absorption of both sugars and starches.

  • You’ll still get the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and fiber found in carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • It keeps you feeling fuller, longer.
  • NUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2 is natural.
    • This ephedra-free dietary supplement is made from fermented soy and white kidney bean extracts.
    • It provides naturally-sourced, non-stimulating carbohydrate control.

1 Variety Case of XS Energy Drinks – 12 of the top-selling flavors

  • Provide a proprietary formula of herbs, vitamins, key amino acids, and folic acids.
  • Contains no sugar, 0-2 g carbs, and only 8-16 calories per can.
  • Are available in 16 delicious flavors – two are caffeine free
  • Flavors include but are not limited to: rootbeer, black cherry cola, cherry, wildberry, cranberry-grape, mango-pineapple, pink-grapefruit, tropical and citrus.

Loaded with B12 Vitamins and herbs like senticosus and schisandra that have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, this energy drink has been shown to have a variety of effects with increased endurance, anti-fatigue, memory/learning improvement, and anti-deppresant-like effects.

Nutrilite Energy Bars in Vanilla Pretzel or Chocolate Nut Roll Flavor – With 14g of Protein in one bar, these bars deliver for power and endurance with a great taste. Can be a high protein afternoon snack or power and endurance before a tough workout. They are antioxidant infused and contain no artificial flavors, colors, sweetners, or preservatives.

Nutrilite Snack Bars in Carmel Creme or Chocolate Carmel Crunch – With 9g of protein in 1 bar and only 100 calories, these bars deliver on nutrition and taste. They also are free of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Collection of Meal Ideas/Recipes – various healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners. These are sure to taste good but without the guilt!

7 Holiday Themed Workouts – These 15-45 minute workouts are able to be done in your living room with the only equipment needed being 2 hand dumbbells. From “More Jingle, Less Jiggle” to “Santa’s Nice List,” these simple workouts will have you toned in no time!

Jessica had such a success with this plan and is ready to take on the holidays and enter the new year looking and feeling better than ever! If you want to join her and want to order this awesome kit, then email me at or comment below. From now until Thursday, I am offering them $20 off! For the price of $113!

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3 Responses to New Challenge Tuesday Night & Holiday Survival Fitness Kits Available!

  1. Jessica Y. says:

    Mine is already ordered! This is a great deal and well worth it! My boyfriend even paid half so that he will be more likely to hold me accountable than to ask me out for Pizza or something! 😉


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