Yesterday the boys and I went a day without any TV, phone, computer, Xbox, tablet, etc. This is what happened.

In the morning it was fairly easy, other than the immediate urge to look at my phone the moment I started my day. I decided to just put it away because I was tempted to open my unread texts and I knew if I just “checked the time” it would be too easy to just check those messages or my email as well. We ate breakfast altogether and went out to run a few errands. Johnny had his phone still because he was meeting a contractor. He was struggling with not using it though. The little man reminded him, “Dad, no phone.” He did eventually put it away after it was no longer necessary.

After running errands I made lunch while the boys were checking out Johnny’s new drills and testing them out. We again, all ate together at the table. After lunch we played hide and seek outside for about 30 minutes or so. We then headed to my cousin’s son’s birthday party. Had a good time conversating with everyone, no phone to distract me. Drayden had a blast running around, playing and roughhousing with my cousin’s husband. The whole time at the party Johnny and I were ‘present.’ Not looking at our phones, checking football scores, reading emails. It was nice to feel that ‘engaged’ in conversation and that we were using that family time to really have time with family. When we were leaving, I did make one phone call to my mom, to see if she was home and if we could stop by and bring a pizza over and visit for a bit. I never checked my missed calls or messages and didn’t even have a chance because a voice from the backseat said, “CC, give me back your phone and I’ll put it in your purse. No electronic day, remember?” I obliged.

On the way to my parents’ we stopped by Johnny’s aunts house and saw her too. May as well make use of this undistracted time and see some more family. She was very happy to see us and we also had a great time with my mom before we headed back to Columbia.

photo (18)When we got in for the night, Johnny had an idea of something he had been wanting to do for sometime. Build a car out of random items in the house and have a competition of who could build the one that rolled the farthest. We set the timer for 30 minutes and of course it was boys against girls. (I feel I am often teamed up against :)) I used a toilet paper roll, bottle caps, pick-up sticks, beads and glue. I was pretty impressed with myself. Then in the other room I hear power tools. Really?! I think that should count as using an electronic. Long story short, the boys won. But I definitely had the best looking, more creative car.

After we colored for a while, and the boys wrestled (which is pretty common around here) we got Drayden ready for bed. Being that it was only 8pm, he still had some time before he had to be asleep. We decided to build a huge fort in the living room. We used sheets, cushions, an art easel, a chair, all kinds of things. It was pretty awesome. Afterwards we all climbed in and Johnny read out of the bible, we told some stories and then Johnny had the little man and I crying we were laughing so hard from the shadow puppet show he put on. It was hilarious. Drayden talked about it all day today. Laying there, in this ridiculously messy living room with these two crazy boys, I felt so loved and so happy. We had just spent the last 2 and half hours in this fort, entertaining ourselves, talking, laughing, crying. Altogether, no distractions. When we said our nightly prayers Johnny took the words right out of my mouth, “Thank you God for this awesome night with our awesome family, letting us have this quality time together, laughing and having fun.”

One the verses Johnny read last night in that fort was, Hebrews 13:5. “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” It’s so crazy how God works. Drayden picked out the book, chapter and landed there. And today I realize just how fitting it was. Being content. Yes, keep your life free from the love of money but also the love of your iPhone or your big screen. This day in society its more, more, better, better. Wait in line for 3 hours to get the newest phone, wait in line on Black Friday to score the best deal on the biggest TV. Content is exactly how I was feeling while laying in the fort with those boys, drifting off to sleep. My heart was content. Didn’t matter to me that my ‘list’ in life hasn’t gone how I had thought it would. Married, kids, big house, dream job. I felt I was where I was supposed to be in that moment and I had a peace over me, a happiness. I am so grateful.

*Remember, if you do this challenge (even if it’s not absolutely perfect, I made a phone call!) as well before the 21st, your name will be entered to win the Beauty Giveaway!

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6 Responses to Content.

  1. sureeja says:

    Thumbs up for the whole family… 😉


  2. Tabatha Rice says:

    Awesome! You guys are the cutest! I have thought about doing this myself. It’s difficult during the week though… my job is at a desk and requires a computer. Yuck! May have to at least try a day with no Facebook!


    • powerc22 says:

      It was tough but we enjoyed it! Maybe try an evening after work with nothing and avoid facebook during the day. We are going to attempt to do it one evening a week, really made me realize how much time I waste staring at screens!


  3. Randy says:

    Another great post! Pretty cool!


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