No Electronics for 24 Hours :/

someecardWhat a busy week! I am not one to complain but I was sick Tuesday, had a lil drama yesterday and hit a deer last night! But God has gave me a perspective that I am so thankful for. Last week in church we had a guest speaker. He was awesome! He was actually talking about what it takes to be a man because in November its ‘Man Month’ at our church. However, I found that I actually got a LOT out of his powerful message. He said he had adopted a child with his wife from China. She was 17 months when they adopted her and only 11 lbs. She had a cleft palate, some developmental issues, as well as she was cross-eyed. She had hardly been held at all or given anything to hold so she was cross-eyed from holding her hand in front her face as if it was a teddy bear. When him and his wife tried to pick her up and cuddle their new joy she would arch her back and cry out. She didn’t know what a loving touch was. This had went on for a couple of weeks and he found his wife crying one night. He went downstairs to pray about it and was pouring his heart out to God. “Lord heal my daughter, help her to be better, to be what we had expected. Make her want to be picked up and held by us…etc” Then in the middle of his prayer he felt God was saying, “Shut up. Just shut up.” He was pretty offended and a bit angry at God. Thinking, ‘Here I am pouring my everything out to you and you are telling me to shut up?’ He sat there for awhile unsure of what to do. Then it hit him. His prayer suddenly felt like a pitiful prayer. Asking God to change this beautiful gift of life that had been given to him. He immediately began praying a powerful prayer of thanks and affirmation. “God, thank you for my beautiful daughter that we were able to rescue from a life of neglect and abuse. Thank you that my wife gets to be a mother and I, a father to this little girl. Thank you for creating her to bring awesomeness into our lives,” etc etc. After his prayer, he went upstairs to his wife. She was once again crying. He turned the corner into their bedroom and she was sobbing, holding their daughter lovingly in her arms. She waved him over and said, “Look at this.” He peered over his little girl and his daughter looked into his eyes, not cross-eyed, reached out with her hand and touched his face.

Can you see how that was a great church service? That wasn’t even the half of it! But I was so touched and inspired. I am so guilty of thinking “Poor me. I don’t feel good. I am annoyed. I don’t have the money for this. Why cant things be easier or go better?” Yet, if I really think about it, I have so much to be thankful for. Don’t we all? Someone ALWAYS has it worse, and really my problems are completely minute compared to others. God doesn’t care any less about them, but its easy to speak that negativity into our life if we are constantly dwelling on the things that are ‘wrong.’ Some people seek out the negativity and others to be miserable with them. Misery loves company, isn’t that what they say? I cannot stand when people do this, though I am definitely guilty of it at times as well. My mood tends to be easily influenced. I can be having a fabulous day but if someone comes along constantly complaining and griping, sometimes I will begin to feel that sag of my shoulders too. Its something I am working on.

How many times have you hopped on Facebook to read something so terribly negative you can’t even believe the person posted it? Does everyone need to know how awful their day really was? I don’t have Facebook and not just because of this. It can be great for so many things. Posting pics for long-distance family to see, keeping in touch with old friends, great for businesses. I have nothing against it at all. But also there can be A LOT of negativity. I’ve seen people write things just to get attention or get so wrapped up in ‘what so and so said about so and so.’ Or people can sit there for hours searching to find something wrong in someone’s life. Maybe even comparing themselves. ‘I don’t have a new house, how did they afford that? Does she even work? I wish I had a husband who took care of me like that.’

I actually don’t have any social media, no twitter, instagram, pinterest. Strange I know but in my life at this time it’s what works for me. I can waste my time in many other areas, trust me. Hours looking through fall outfits, workouts or new recipes. Watching a whole season of something on Netflix before realizing I have to get up in 5 hours for work. And my phone…its the worse! Even with no social media I am always looking at it. Like at any moment its going to pop out a baby or do an amazing trick. It’s in my smock at work. I walk out of the esthetician suite after a facial, check it. I talk to my client and send her on her way, check it again. I walk down the hall to get new sheets out of the closet. Yep, check it again. What am I doing?! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Some parents can’t stand their children to be on electronics all the time yet here they are looking at their iPhone 24/7. Johnny and I spend a lot of time with the little man outside, playing different sports, playing ‘school,’ reading, coloring, building forts or legos etc. So, why is it that just because you grow up its okay to be glued to a tv or computer for hours at a time? I think its time for a break. This Saturday we are going “No electronics for 24 hours.” No phones, no Xbox, no TV, no computer. And with the weather being pretty chilly, I believe its going to be a lil tougher than normal. During the nice weather months, we go swimming, golfing, biking, on trails, go on picnics, rock climbing, etc. But when its only pleasant to be indoors its easy to reach for the remote. I want to be thankful for all the things God has given me that doesn’t involve an on/off switch. The conveniences we have today are so easy to take for granted. I want to get back to the basics.

I hope you join me! It doesn’t have to be this Saturday but sometime soon. Preferably in the next week, before the 21st. 🙂 If you do the challenge as well, you will be entered to win something pretty great! Check it out on the Beauty and Fashion page.

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2 Responses to No Electronics for 24 Hours :/

  1. Twyla says:

    Great message Chelsey!


  2. Elaine says:

    Great post! I agree with you completely. I find myself everyday praying for for my family. Either asking to watch over everyone and wondering why things seem so difficult. It’s the little things I am thankful for family I would do anything for. I have . A home, job, friends I know god has a plan for us all just need to leave things in his hands love you all.


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