“Eating Better” Journal Entry #1

photo (7)Day 1 was interesting. Feel like I already have learned a lot. It was not easy by any means. I was tempted with several delicious foods…pumpkin spice muffins, fried apples and ice cream, peanut buttercups, etc. However, I resisted. I noticed I was never “hungry” with all the healthy foods and half of the meals I couldn’t even finish the whole plate. Partly because it was so filling and the other part well…it wasn’t quite what my tastebuds are used to. I only had a couple of things that weren’t what I would consider “clean.” String cheese, 1 tbsp of french dressing, pita chips, etc. Nothing big though and nothing I feel guilty about. To some this may look like their regular day or even not very healthy, but for me this is WAAAAYYY  better than what I normally eat, and that’s what I am going for.

8:00 AM Breakfast– was disappointing. Looked great. However the strawberries were pretty tart and I added zero sugar to the oatmeal, so needless to say it was hard to get down.

10:00 AM Mid Morning Snack – Saved by the bell! I had to have some type of sugar and 1/4 cup of chocolate flavored yogurt covered raisins cured the craving.

photo 2 (3)1photo 1 (6)2:00 PM Lunch – Spinach and lettuce mix with 4 oz of grilled chicken breast and a tbsp of French dressing. Not bad. String cheese, few bites of plain sweet potato and a cup of grapes. Very full. Used to having butter and brown sugar on the sweet potato, so that’s why just a few bites.

2:00 PM Afternoon Snack – Ants on a log. A childhood favorite. Celery with natural peanut butter and raisins. Tasty and the raisins helped with the sugar cravings.

photo 1 (4)photo (8)3:00 PM Afternoon Snack #2 – (Yes, I eat all-day long, it can’t be helped) 11 Pita Chips and Hummus. Pretty good. Was wishing for more pita chips though.

5:30 PM Dinner – Steak, all natural peas and a banana. The peas were very good. I cannot believe they tasted good without adding butter or anything. Bananas are always good as well as a piece of beef. Just was missing the A1.

photo 2 (6)7:00 PM Snack – 2 “Energy Bites.” Delicious. These things are not that great for you though. But better than reaching for a Little Debbie Snack. Oats, natural pb, pure honey, chia seeds, raisins and mini chocolate chips. Simply scrumptious.

I only drank water the whole day which is not unusual for me at all. I do like a good glass of milk but nothing I ate “really goes with milk” in my book. I think it really helped that the night before I planned out my whole day of meals so I was never tempted to just “grab” something on the go or out of the cabinet or freezer. It took extra time to plan and pack everything but glad I was able to stick to it. I am feeling good, no mid afternoon energy crash,  no hunger pains. Maybe this isn’t going to be as bad as I thought! Now I have to go prepare tomorrows meals so it will be a successful day as well!

If you are joining me tomorrow night for belly dancing here is the address: its located at Missouri Contemporary Ballet – 110 Orr Street – Columbia, MO. $10 for the 1 hour class. Hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to “Eating Better” Journal Entry #1

  1. Enjoy your belly dancing class! Glad you had a good day.


  2. Tabatha Rice says:

    Looks good! I need to get back on track myself!


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