Dance and Diet…the healthy way. Double challenge week!

There are two definitions for the word “diet.”

  1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. “a healthy diet”
  2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons. “I’m going on a diet”
    Often people hear the word diet and assume you are starving yourself or eating salads only. I am not doing that. Not going to restrict myself to lose any weight or because of any health reasons. I am simply going to track my diet and try EXTREMELY hard to cut out as many processed foods I can. For 3 days.
    I am not a very healthy eater. Today, I had 2 eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast with peanut butter and blackberry jam. (that’s very healthy for me!) Lunch was a lean pocket and yogurt, and for dinner we ate at Lonestar and I had my fair share of rolls, fried green beans and buffalo chicken tenders. There was some snacking in between there, I usually eat about every 3 hours. I used to use the app MyFitnessPal a lot, but it became overwhelming to have to enter in all the food I consume in a day. Trust me, its a lot. Today I decided to just give the app another go. Not to watch the calories but to see what I found. I found I eat a lot of “scannable” food. Packaged, pre-made with a barcode. I never ate any fresh produce all day. No fruits, no veggies. And this was actually a pretty darn good day for me. I am addicted to carbs/sugar. It’s a serious problem and I would love if I could change my eating habits for good. I tried a cleanse one time that was all “real food” and by the end of the day I had a horrible headache because I wasn’t use to all the healthy stuff and no sugar or preservatives.
    So my first challenge is going to be starting Monday morning – Wednesday evening, I will keep a food journal and eat as “clean” as possible. No deprivation. No cutting calories. Just making better choices. It’s not going to be perfect but I am going to do my best. I will post the journal when I am done and how I feel! This is going be tough for me. Food is a love of mine and I am not real into switching up my food, as you know by my recent sushi post. 🙂
    My 2nd challenge of the week is going to be something very out of the norm…Belly Dancing! That’s right. I was really seeking a hip hop dance class but they don’t offer any in Columbia that are “drop in classes.” They have Belly Dancing though!
    On Tuesday at 7:30pm I am going to be going to the Moon Belly Dance Studio in Columbia. Don’t be freaked out by the photos on their site. We don’t have to dress in tribal clothes or wear anything revealing. No one actually has to show their “belly.” Come wearing a tighter fitting top, yoga pants, and your bare feet. It will be class of just women learning the technique and getting a work out while doing it. Price is $10.
    This will be a crazy, busy week for me. Halloween, trip to Springfield and a 5k next Sunday! But life is happening now and these challenges are keeping me on my toes!
    So…who’s in???
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    Me please

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