The verdict is in…I am not a sushi fan.

Wednesday night was fun. I met up with two ladies at the Geisha Sushi Bar, downtown. When I walked in, the staff greeted me…very friendly. The greeting wasn’t in photo (6)English, so I’m not sure what they actually said. But they were smiling. I found our table and we started to look at the overwhelming menu. It was decided I should not pick anything for myself, so Jordan and Amanda chose for me.

The girls asked if I had ever used chopsticks before. I hadn’t. We asked the waiter for a fork just in case. The salads came out in a bowl the size of a coffee cup. It was a plain salad with ginger dressing. I swear it tasted like lettuce with coffee beans on it but the girls begged to differ. It wasn’t bad. I was struggling a little (okay a lot) with the chopsticks and said, “Ugh I just want a fork.” The waiter was at the counter watching me attempt to eat the salad with the sticks, gave a smile and swooped in with the fork when he heard me announce that I was in need of it.

Then came the entrée. On a ship. I’m not kidding. The rolls were displayed beautifully on this boat, with a vapor coming out of it, looking like steam. It was pretty impressive. I was hopeful. So far the atmosphere and presentation was great.

We had ordered a number of “rolls” to sample out and share.  I tried the first Californian roll. Gaross. So gross. Had a serious case of vegetable after taste to it. Found out later it was cucumber, which I am NOT a fan of. Next roll was the Spicy Tuna. The spiciness was great, ALMOST covered up the gross cucumber again. Then I had a Crazy Roll. Holy cow, what slimy thing just slid down my throat? Was that the tuna or the salmon? Not good. I believe I then had the Spider roll. I took out the seaweed. It was ok. Bearable. All in all, I didn’t like it. Nothing was like, “Oooo that tastes good, can I have another?” Not even close.

I tried some wasabi on the rolls and it helped a lil. We then decided to have a wasabi challenge. A chunk of the hot stuff in your mouth til it dissolves with no water. As soon as we dished it out and in our mouths a waitress walked by and said “You didn’t really just do that, did you?” We did. It wasn’t bad. Amanda was tearing up a bit but spicy stuff is something I can do. So I guess you could say the wasabi was a success.

photo 2 (2)Afterwards, I decided I really felt like I deserved a prize for the food I just had. Plus, I was still kind of hungry. I ordered a dessert that was fried pineapple with ice cream and chocolate and caramel drizzle. Now that’s my kind of food.

So what did I learn? Well I learned I don’t like sushi and I will probably never go to Geisha Sushi Bar again…unless its for the fried pineapple and ice cream. Sure, the sushi was not of my liking but the experience was fun. Had this challenge not come up, I wouldn’t have gotten to go out with these two awesome girls.  The company you keep is important and Jordan and Amanda made it a good night for me, despite the urge to vomit multiple times. 🙂 I feel like a lot of times females are scared to “make new friends.”  We sometimes tend to stick with our regular crew and feel we must be extremely close before we go out to dinner or trade numbers. That can be so high school but I know I have been guilty of it.  That is what I love about this challenge. I have not only done things I never have before, but I also have hung out with girls I never have before outside of work/church/etc.

I hope you continue to follow this journey and come out and join me for some new experiences…next week is going to be a good one!

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5 Responses to The verdict is in…I am not a sushi fan.

  1. Melissa says:

    This sounds exactly like my first sushi experience. But then I discovered the Big Oh Roll at Sake. Simply delicious. Tastes very similar to a crab rangoon. It has a ton of cream cheese in it and it is fried. I tried sushi about four times over about a year so it took me awhile to figure out what I liked.


  2. Bea Inscore says:

    I’ve never tried Sushi … and now not sure I want to. I have been told some of it is good but you have to know what you are ordering and go with someone with similar tastes and let them order for you. Proud of you, though! Love you!

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  3. Tabatha Rice says:

    My first experience with sushi was awful. I love it now though! If you aren’t a fan of fish, it may never be for you. If you just prefer a different texture, go with anything tempura… all of that is battered and fried. 🙂 If you decide to give it another shot, let me know! Shane and I love it!


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