Sushi Anyone?

After discussing what to do for my next challenge at the spa, my lovely co-worker, personal spray-tanner, and friend; Amanda, had a suggestion. A food challenge! Sushi. Never tried it and apparently I am missing out!

Tomorrow night at 6PM we are heading to Geisha Sushi Bar, downtown. I am not a fan of fish, or anything new when it comes to food. I order the same thing at most places I go. Steak or pasta, a side salad with only lettuce, tomatoes and croutons. I am pretty open to new trends when it comes to clothes, workouts, music…but food is not something I wander outside of my comfort zone very often for.

But I already committed. Should be interesting! Looking forward to it and if you want to join, please do!

Will post the pics and experience later this week!

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