Face Your Fear and It Will Disappear…

A couple of great ladies showed up tonight to tryout a little Kickboxing with me.  When I walked into 9 Round, it had a fun energy about it. The music was up loud and I really like that when I am working out. There were posters of different fighters or quotes on the walls. It was just one room, with several different “stations,” and lots of different types of punching bags I had never seen. photo 2 (1)

The trainer was very friendly and personable as he helped us get signed in. He explained to us that there is “9 rounds” of 2 1/2 minutes. There is also a very short period in between rounds where you may be doing squats or high knees, etc. There are three buzzers. One that starts the round, one to let you know there is 30 secs left and one when the round is over. We jumped right in. We did a variety of things. Jumping jacks with dumbbells, jabs and hooks, side and front kicks to bags, the speed bag, situps and v-sits, different sequences to the bag, etc.

photo 1 (1)After a few minutes in I was sweating, my legs were feeling noodle-y, I was getting winded. But it all felt really good. The music kept me motivated and when the 30 sec buzzer went off, I tried my best to finish the round strong. Something about the punching and kicking…felt…cool. I know that sounds cheesy, but I am just being real. It was fun and I wasn’t dreading the rest of the time I had left every time the buzzer went off. This wasn’t no hot yoga that’s for sure! (in case you didn’t hear, I didn’t totally loooovve hot yoga)

Time flew by and afterwards we all talked and thought it was a lot of fun. We were sweaty, worn out, but also in a great mood. The environment left us feeling confident and strong. Empowered.

It is an awesome feeling to push yourself and accomplish things you maybe weren’t sure you would. Or to put yourself in situations that make you a little uncomfortable. Last Sunday at church, we talked about having faith. One thing the pastor said stuck with me. “When you face your fear, you will find your faith.” This is so true in so many areas of life. Just tonight it would have been easy for any 3 of us who went to kickboxing tonight to think, “Nahh, that sounds a little scary,” or “I have never even done it before, I probably won’t know what to do,” and quickly talk ourselves out of it. However, we had faith that it would turn out good, that we would get through it and we showed up, did it and loved it.  Don’t let fear control your life and keep you from doing the things you want. God has a plan, a purpose and the only way to overcome fear is with faith and action.

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8 Responses to Face Your Fear and It Will Disappear…

  1. Jessica says:

    Sooo much fun! I was tired after work but knew if i went to class I’d feel so much better!!! I did and slept really well! Thinking about paying for two months…averages $12 a week.


  2. Randy says:

    You are a great writer Chelsey and I really enjoy your blog. Sounds like kickboxing was fun. I may have to try sometime.


  3. amelvin3 says:

    Im so happy you loved it! Im sorry I missed it! Maybe next time


  4. Twyla says:

    This totally sounded like fun! And I love the quote about facing fear. Made my day!

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  5. Tabatha Rice says:

    Awesome! A girl at work told me about that place, too! P.S. I love the quote from your pastor… so true!


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