Don’t Worry, Be Happy. A lesson learned by Hot Yoga.

Ahhhh. Hot yoga was last night. While I would like to say it was so peaceful and 100% calming, I can’t. It’s just simply not true. But it was definitely an experience.

Hot YogaI met up with two other wonderful girls there; my friends Suzy and Amanda. They were ready to try something new. We were all nervous but excited and ready to get out of our comfort zones! (This photo is of Suzy and I after…notice the color difference of my shirt from all the sweat!)

We entered the yoga room with our towels, water bottles, mats and bare feet. The room was dimly lit with candles and soft lighting. It had a really good clean, yet relaxing smell. The music was inviting and calming. The heat was definitely powerful when I walked in but while getting situated on my mat and lying there until the instructor came in, was well…kind of nice. I wasn’t sweating yet, though I know it was already up to almost 100.

Then the instructor began talking about how “This time is for you, you are here to refresh your mind, calm your heart and strengthen your body.” Or something like that.  Her words were great. We started with simply breathing, plain relaxation. No crisscrossed legs with fingers pinched in the air while saying “ommmm.” Just listening to your own breath.

Then the first “flow” started. Lying on your belly, go up to a plank, hold, come down, push up into another pose and then downward dog. Well this was okay. A mild workout. But then it kept going, and adding more and getting hotter. The poses were becoming almost impossible and some I could barely do.  My light gray shirt was now almost completely darkened by the sweat of my body. I think I forgot how hard this was. Holding a pose, plus the heat was definitely a workout. I felt like I could really feel my muscles getting stronger.  Half the time I was praying that the instructor was about to open the door to let some cold air in, which she did throughout at times…for about 10 seconds. The other half of the time I was thinking, “Wow this is great, I am getting stronger, I feel good.” Then after about 45-50 minutes my only thought was “Oh please let this be over soon.” I was afraid if I made eye contact at this point with either Amanda or Suzy, who were on each side of me, I may have got a “What did you get me into?” look.

Then after the final struggle of mind over matter, it was over. It was like once she said, “This is the last flow, you can do it,” I had a new wave of energy. Or was that just my mind playing tricks on my body? We ended with some more breathing, soft music and a “Namaste.”

While exiting to the lobby, I looked at the faces of the girls that came with me. They were all smiles. Not sure if it was a look of relief or because we realized we had just completed something pretty amazing. We talked for a minute and all agreed it was tough, too long and we didn’t absolutely love it. Yet, we agreed it was awesome that we did it and felt really good after. Is this going to be something I do on the regular? No. But would I go again? Yes.

When I got home, I immediately showered and dried off faster than I ever had. ( I was tired of being soaking wet for the past 2 hours at this point.) I sat down, ate a lil turkey sandwich and drank a bottle of water. I realized I was exhausted. My muscles had been worked, my hamstrings were already getting sore. I quickly climbed into bed much earlier than usual and slept all night.

Looking back at last night I feel good about the experience and that two other people got to experience it with me. During the session, I was not loving it to say the least, I was hoping it was going to be over soon. It’s like a conversation you don’t want to have but need to, or a speech you have to give at work. You dread it. You stress. Yet when it’s over, you realize it wasn’t so terrible and you feel better. That maybe your mind was making you believe it was going to be worse than it actually was.

We are so capable of so many things. God has created us in His image. The potential we have is way bigger than we realize. We barely tap into it for the most part. The time we have here is so short, yet we stress and worry about how our lives will be, what we are going to make for dinner, will my kids grow up happy, am I going to be able to pay the mortgage this month? Yes, these things matter but life here on Earth is so incredibly short compared to the eternity we have. I encourage you to let go today of worry because it does nothing for us! Life is going to happen no matter what and worrying does not do anything but add stress to life. Easier said than done but something I personally need to work on. So take the next yoga class, and don’t worry you’ll make it through! You will be happy you did.

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5 Responses to Don’t Worry, Be Happy. A lesson learned by Hot Yoga.

  1. Twyla says:

    I am really thankful you didn’t ask ME to do this with you! LOL! I’ll just live vicariously through you on this one! What a great encouragement though! Think I’ll go get on my eliptical now!

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  2. Randy says:

    Very interesting story. I believe a cold wintery day might be better to do this. I know you are not outside of course but just being cooler out would seem to make it better.


  3. Tabatha Rice says:

    So wish I could have gone with you for this! Let me know if you ever decide to do it again. I may have to drive up! 😉


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