Challenge #1…it’s going to be hot!

dog yoga

It’s decided. The first challenge is going to be Hot Yoga! While this is not 100% new for me, (I went to one class almost a year ago,) it is most definitely out of my comfort zone.  (Hence why I never went again, ha!) My friend Krista, who invited me, told me to give it another try and I never did… til now!

If you don’t know anything about hot yoga, let me get you introduced to the basics. It’s a series of yoga poses performed in a room that is 100-105 degrees. For 80 minutes! You sweat. A ton. So much it looks like you just jumped into a pool when you leave. I am not exaggerating. It flushes your body of toxins, burns a ton of calories, and helps with strength and flexibility. And I must say, the shower you take afterwards could quite possibly be the best shower you will ever take in your life.

I will be attending the 7:30 pm class at Sumits Hot Yoga, by Buffalo Wild Wings on Nifong this Thursday. If you want to join or just want to look up more info and benefits about hot yoga, check out this link!   Make sure you check out the FAQ page if you plan to attend as it gives tips on what to bring and what to expect!

Here are a few things I included that they didn’t put on the FAQ page:

  • Freeze your water bottle before you come. Its hot in there. You don’t want to have to drink hot water too.
  • Bring a hand towel for your face, as well as the big beach towel. You are dripping with sweat. You will wish you had one if you don’t bring it, trust me!
  • Don’t wear any makeup. None. Not even a tad mascara. You will regret it.
  • Don’t worry about what people think! I definitely couldn’t do a lot of the poses. (This was the one and only time I had ever and still have ever done yoga.) I just tried my best. I laid down a few times to rest and skipped some poses. No one cares. They are there to get a workout, or to just relax and unwind. Trust me, no one is worried about what you’re doing.
  • Don’t be scared and talk yourself out of trying it. I don’t like to sweat either. I have never understood how girls can lay out at the pool for hours, sizzling like a strip of bacon. Not my thing. But it’s also exactly why I should try hot yoga again, because it’s NOT my thing! God made our bodies to be able to do ten times more than we realize. Just like running. I can’t run a mile without stopping, but I bet if someone was chasing me I could! Mind over matter!
  • Enjoy it! Its 80 minutes of time to yourself, doing something for yourself. You will have a sense of accomplishment afterwards that will stay with you. Its exhilarating!

Hope to see you there!

Tomorrow I will be adding a new fitness page to the blog…can’t wait!

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7 Responses to Challenge #1…it’s going to be hot!

  1. Tabatha Rice says:

    Let me know how it goes! Sounds fun! My experience with yoga is pretty limited. I do love some poses for post-run stretching though!


    • powerc22 says:

      Will be posting pics and writing about the experience for sure! Wish you lived closer. You should try to talk one of your sisters into coming! 🙂 Jess wanted to at one time but couldn’t get a sitter. And yes, I’ve heard its great for training!


  2. My meeting was cancelled, so maybe I can come after all!


  3. amelvin3 says:

    I’ll be there as long as you don’t look at my eye brows


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