So about this weekly challenge…I have some ideas but I need more! I am looking for fun, exciting, or just plain new things to try. With the help of a pretty fun co-worker, we came up with a few ideas. They can be anything… whether it’s volunteering somewhere or taking a hip hop dance class. I would like these things to either be free or around $10. That way everyone (in hopes my lovely audience joins in) can afford it! I want YOU to get out there with me and discover things you maybe didn’t know you could love or just set aside the time for YOURSELF.

Speaking of time for yourself, almost everyday after work I talk to my friend Jordan as we are both driving home. It’s the one time she doesn’t have the kids (at least not til she gets to the daycare to pick them up; she’s a super mom by the way) and there is zero – little distractions (except maybe her cursing the driver who just cut her off). We were chatting the other night and she said something sort of negative about herself, and she’s beautiful, let me tell you. It hurt me to know she feels that way and I said, “Why don’t you do something about it?” Her reply was, “I don’t have the time.” She is probably one of the busiest, hardest working, generous people I know. Making time for herself just isn’t at the top of the list, or really even close to the top.

In this day in age, if you don’t have the time now, you never will. You have to make it. It’s so easy to put your needs behind everyone else’s that you have to care for. But remember that you are the only one taking care of you and God wants you to take care of yourself. Spiritually, physically, mentally. If it means calling a sitter on a Tuesday night to watch the kiddos for an hour and half so you can take a breather, or getting up early to go walking to give yourself that time alone, do it. Everyday is a gift. I am so guilty of wasting time on things that don’t really matter. Skipping workouts or conversations with friends because I have “too much laundry to do,” hitting snooze for that extra 2 min that turns into 20, or even the notorious Netflix (seriously the next episode begins playing in 12 secs is killer!). I always think “Things will slow down.” They don’t. When we are little we are constantly rushing growing up. “If only I were in high school, if only I had my license, if only I could get out of my parents house.” By the time adult life begins, the ‘only’ you want is a nap. I just ask if you will consider doing this with me, for YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE IT. Oh, and I also ask that if you have any suggestions you post them in the comments. 🙂

Here’s what I have so far:

hot yoga
dance class
cooking class
roller derby (i’m scared!)
pottery class
rock climbing
volunteer at a shelter
karaoke (possibly more scary than roller derby)
do a cleanse
eat at a restaurant alone or go to the movies alone (yes, on purpose)
wearing something you are not absolutely sure of (leather leggings anyone?)
really nice random act of kindness
ice skating
go 24 hrs with no electronics
shooting range

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10 Responses to Brainstorming.

  1. Tami North says:

    Chesley! I’m excited for you to see the YOU, that I do….the beautiful, energetic, compassionate, exceptionally gifted young woman you are! God’s making you a trailblazer! Get on that life horse and run like you’ve never run before! You’ll always be my girl!) I am so enermously, insanely proud of you! Love you! Aunt Tami


  2. Tabatha Rice says:

    Girl, you are speaking to my soul! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had similar conversations with my sisters… and myself! Love this idea… and your writing style… and your blog name! Looking forward to reading more! I’ll be sharing a link with friends as well!


  3. Twyla says:

    Wow! You, my sweet girl are such an inspiration. You are a natural at encouraging others and I love your blog. Love you to the moon and back!


  4. jessica says:

    Hi pretty lady. Love love LOVE this “stretching” your committing to!!! Sign me up!
    Wanted to comment on a random act that always makes me giddy…next time you go through the drive through, pay for the person behind you. Its so much fun to watch the attendant pass along that their meal was just paid for by a total stanger!


    • powerc22 says:

      Yes, love this idea! Be sure to put your email in and click follow so you’ll be updated on what’s next on the agenda…serving at a homeless shelter? Kickboxing? I will probably post it tonight or tomorrow. Would love to have you out to add some of that fun, positive energy you possess!


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